Monday, November 26, 2018

Super lightweight LED bulbs

Why use super lightweight led bulbs? You’re facing so many led bulbs in the market, some of them are heavy with a long aluminum part, and some are with thick glass. Super lightweight led bulbs are easier to use in general home lighting, especially those living in farmhouses, industrial area and earthquake frequent regions.

1, Super lightweight led bulbs to cause the minimum damage to other objects and human body when there is a drop down. The weight of super lightweight led bulb is generally 1/3 of traditional led bulb, you can slightly hear any noise when it touches on the ground.
2, Causes minimum damage to itself when there is a fall. The advantage of super lightweight causes the bulb to have minimum damages to others and also to itself. The material of the bulb is thermoplastic, I will rebound while it touches on the ground, the bulb body is just like a buffer, it will reduce the impact forces greatly to its internal components, prevent the damage to its internal circuit board, wiring and leds. 

3, Higher safety level. The thermoplastic body is nonconductor, when there is any water vapor or water drop on the surface of the bulb, it couldn’t cause electric conduction like those bulbs with aluminum, and burst like glass bulbs.

4, Protect your hands. After hours of working, the bulbs of aluminum and glass surface would be as hot as iron, if you want to unscrew it down, it would scald your hands. However, the super lightweight led bulbs wouldn’t happen like that.

5, Lower cost. Thermoplastic material is cheaper than aluminum and lower damage rate than glass bulbs. The smaller weight costs the lowest shipping charges, and labor costs and increases the work efficiently. The selling cost of super lightweight bulbs is lower than traditional led bulbs.

6, Longer using life and all recyclable material. Using high-quality components, branded led chips, and skilled workmanship, outputting higher lumen and more efficient on electricity light conversion, smallest heat generation. 

Friday, November 23, 2018

Three mistakes that most buyers commonly made while sourcing from China

1, Each order asking too many suppliers
Normally, the best suppliers are those you’re in touch with them in the initial process of purchasing. Some buyers often send their request to the 1st supplier asking for a price, then will still again send to three and more. The process is just like below picture:

However, this is making many suppliers working for you for only one order, they spend a lot of time making plan and calculate the cost, finally, you make the decision to buy from only one from them. They’re not machine, they’re human, good supplier number are in very limited quantity, on your first time purchasing, you wasted a huge quantity, finally, you’ll have no suppliers. 

2, Not bargain price
Mostly suppliers would give the rock-bottom price when a new customer asking for a quotation, they know the competition, if the price can do, great, let’s close the deal! However, sometimes, price could be on high level, that’s most buyers would directly stop to talk with the supplier any more. High price could be on a higher quality standard, as different company are targeting their product to different market. Why not ask and continue? Bargain a price you can accept, if you’re looking for other suppliers, you will spend more time.

3, Always find end producers
If business exist, then middleman exist; producers, traders, distributors are a whole unit. If all end buyers only buy from the end producers, then most of time you’re waiting, because they don’t have so many hands and time to manage all buyers. Traders are important role balancing the production between factories, between quality and prices, if you get prices from factories directly, normally will get very high or very low prices, but from a trader, it’s balanced, they’ll remove the high price and also will stop the lowest prices, its easy to think that the highest price you won’t accept and the lowest prices are bad in quality. They would send orders to those factories idle to facilitate earlier delivery so you can sell it in due time. If you’re waiting the busiest factory to make your goods, maybe to the next year, goods won’t be sent out.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

As a buyer why should choose to pay for samples?

There are a lot of advantages of paying for samples rather than enjoy freebies. Paying for samples can encourage a more effective business circulation and increases the rate of business success.

1, Even a small amount of cost, paying for samples could prove you’re a genuine and a sincerer buyer. Which could push your samples to the first proceeding tasks by your suppliers?
In this way, your samples could be delivered faster and better than your competitors, resulting in a higher rate of success with your clients.

2, When you’re asking for samples, there is a prospective long-term business relationship with this supplier. Considering you’ll pay for following orders many times, paying for samples is an experience for your international payment afterward. It could greatly reduce the risk of wrong payment, and payment failure. Especially paying for samples by T/T, your bank will have the record of supplier’s account whenever you make the first payment, if you pay the samples to the wrong account, it’s not so serious, anyway it’s a small amount of money, however, if you pay for a large amount of money to the wrong account, it will be a serious problem.

3, Suppliers making samples cost money and labor, samples production and packing is more expensive than bulk order. It demands a special person to take care of, and also special attention to prevent damage during shipping route. Courtesy demands reciprocity, paying for samples is showing your kindness to reward part of the supplier’s work. Anyway, if every person pretends to be a client to ask free samples from the supplier, how could your supplier run their business?

4, if you’re a client to your supplier, it means buying goods and give them profit. Otherwise, you can say borrow their goods and return with money, because they’re making no money. Samples is the initial process of business transaction, paying for samples is also showing your privilege to be a client, testifying you’re a client will pay the order later and give your supplier profit, and also, you’re a client having money rather have no money.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Three things you should know about leeka

1, Leeka is a China-registered company, the name leeka is translated from its Chinese name” 力卡”, means” top energy and high efficient”; unlike other Chinese manufacturer’s name with its location added in front of its name, and industry added between, the shortage of leeka’s name indicates its globalization trend and its top management’s intelligent foresight.

2, In Riverside, always flourishing big enterprises such as ASUS. And Chinese traditional geomantic omen also believe Riverside is also a great place to do big things. That place is normally as expensive as gold. Where the river name is more widely known than the name of the road, river name is generally more preferred as the address of an enterprise. You can find Leeka very easily by its address” NO.107 MISHI River”.

3, Leeka is not only doing one thing, but it also has its products covered widely in solar energy panels, battery, solar lights, LED lights and galvanized steel poles. This is the reason you can find leeka’s steel poles, galvanized steel products much lower price than that from other manufacturers. Except for local manufacturing facilities, you can also find its manufacturing branches in Zhejiang and Guangdong province.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Always the cheaper the best

A client is visiting a supplier’s workshop, during tea time, he pointed to a photo in the supplier’s product brochure and said: how much this cost? The supplier said: usd250. Client frowned and laughed: I could buy this from the other supplier on only usd120. Supplier had no reply, just then, a ring from his other client caught the client’s attention, he saw the supplier slowly took out his iphone X from his trouser pocket, pushed the button and talked with his client in 1 minute. Then he put the iphone on the teapoy, take off the back cover and batteries inside, blew the dust inside with his mouth, and said: this iphone cost me usd80 from an online store, had spent 20 dollars to make it fixed in one repair shop five times, now problem again, thinking will spend more money to fix it. He then put in the batteries and restore the back cover, smiled to the client: always the cheaper the best. The client smiled too.

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send...