Monday, March 20, 2017

Why importers prefer to trade with imp&exp company rather than manufacturing plant?

1,Imp&exp company have a better experience and knowledge on import and export procedures, they can not only easily help customers on goods loading,customs clearance, documents, but also can solve many unexpected incidents. They provide price fast, and product specification in detail,can better help importers better on competition situations.

2,Imp&exp company have a more considerate services,can better ensure the goods quality,they stand in the role of clients to think problems,can help clients solve many problems on personal concern.They not only sell products,but maintance a good relationship with clients.

Have a very clear division of labor and a very professional knowledge of products, Imp&exp company can meet importer’s target price based on importer’s requirement accurately; however, many manufacturing plant are hard to meet importer’s requirement, most services is inconsiderate and sales know their cusotmers little.They choose to do the orders of simple and single products,those orders with complicated goods choose to object.

For importers,traders in their own country are much more.Their country could not produce everything just like china,so they choose to import.Their profit margin is bigger,and their clients trust them and like to cooperate with them,so in many times,price is not a problem.

A professional imp&exp company have many suppliers on one product,at the same time,they have a professional quality assurance(QA) team, they can always maintan goods’ inventory; the most importantly,they have enough control on goods’ quality.To clarify it,a suitable example showed if the boss of the manufacturing plant is dishonet,they give the client the bad products,the sales in the manufacturing plant have nothing to do but choose to obey;however,the imp&exp company can cancle the order and make another manufacturing plant to produce the goods and send the goods to clients in time.

3,Many importers often buy a diversified similar products or different products, but most manufacturing plant can only produce a single products in some models.if importers choose to find the other products themselves,they’ll spend a lots of labour and money,so they prefer to choose imp&exp company to save the trouble and cost.

4,About price,maybe many importers don’t know china have export tax return policy. For manufacturing plant, the return tax of their own export can only be used to offset their tax,but the imp&exp company can get money. In those products that have a very slim profit margin, imp&exp company can only get their returned tax for profit,their FOB price could be much lower than manufacturing plant’s taxed price and EXW price. If the same price,imp&exp cmpany’s price is paid to the port,to only allowed clients’ to pay sea freight;however,manufacturing plant’s price also need clients to pay the freight cost from factory to shipping port.

5,Normally,middle and small sized importers choose to trade with manfuacturing plant directly in their opinion to save the cost, a relatively sucesss importer will choose to trade with imp&exp company to seek better services. In relate with importers themselves, imp&exp company undoubtly know the situation of manufacturing plant much better, to delivery the job of quality control,pricing and delivery time to imp&exp company can let them save money,time and also feel more reliable and comfort than they flying to see the goods themselves. For example, on quality control,very few importers flying to check the finished goods themselves before delivery,let alone most manufacturing plant are more adeptive on this quality checking,they can put the better qualified goods in outside for the cheking and bad goods concealed without a check. However,imp&exp company are very clear about this trick,they monitor the goods from the begining of production,check the goods three or two times a week,so the manufacturing plant can’t loose on quality control.

6,People in imp&exp company always have years of trade experience and earned a reliable reputation by years of honest transactions,importers feel safer to transit money to a proved person,in this way,imp&exp company are more incliened to earn many new importers' trust also.

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