Thursday, December 15, 2022

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send product data, etc. 

2, You can try to send him a much lower price, if there is no reply, definitely a scam. The scammer is not actually want to buy, so when the product is good and the price is very good, definitely, he is not showing a positive reply. 

Saturday, April 9, 2022

What can you get at a cheap price?

It's a nightmare, it's horrible. Every time you use it, it has a problem. The product does not function normally, and can’t produce the expected results as you had expected during purchasing.

Every day you stick in an embarrassing situation where you have to fix the product you had purchased before you can actually use it, even though your time is crucially and important, even though your mind and body are tired, even though you have lots of more important thing to do. Now, you completely understand that cheap price is not helping you save, it produced countless problems in your life, you need to fix each problem one by one, and each one is an expensive expenditure; finally, you take out a calculator, a pen and a piece of paper, you carefully write down all the cost you had to spend each time you repair the product, and the cost you paid to purchase the product, then comes out the sum. My gosh! They're almost a thousand times more expensive than you purchase a brand new top-quality market brand.

Why am I so greedy! If I obey my words and were honest to buy good quality products in the beginning, it wouldn't happen like today. It's absolutely true cheap prices have no good product, a good product is not cheap. Then, finally, you begin to find out the truth, you find the people who sell good quality products are honest people, and people who sell at cheap prices are not honest. Because you want cheap, thus you have bought your products from dishonest people because they're dishonest, thus all they said well are actually cheating. Buy good quality products is not meant to buy market number 1, it means to buy products like buy shoes to fit your feet, for example, if you want products to be used for 10 years, then a product has 20 years of life is a waste because after 10 years you won't want the product, and you're not going to sell the product as 2nd hand, because there is no market.

Cheap price is like opium, have a strong allure that people can hardly resist, that’s why a successful businessman must have very strong self-discipline, cultivate good characteristics, be honest and trustworthy, become an angel of himself thus can defeat the cheap price demon. To a businessman, having a demon in their heart is like the bottomless of hell, and he is destined to have a transaction with another demon, which will destroy his business. However, if he wants the success and future of his business, then he must have a transaction with an angel, which needs him to be an angel first.

The characteristics of a demon are that he will never be satisfied, for example, want price lower and lower endless, delays business endless, want more and more endless. If this had happened to you, you need to drive the demon away from your mind. Starting to purge your mind with goodness, when you become an angel, all demons will get away from your way, all you meet will be angels.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Three big mistakes you should avoid when sourcing from China?

Sourcing from overseas is the most profitable business as you can gain the advantage of foreign technology as well as lower cost especially you’re sourcing from CHINA. Here below are three common mistakes most newbie buyers will generally make:

1) Sourcing from the lowest price. This is a completely wrong decision as this step will target your customers who purchase the lowest price, generally, this will not help you make a good profit also. The customers who prefer the lowest price is a customer group in related to those who prefer the best quality, this kind customer group is generally classified into lower income group, and relatively inferior educated, thus even you purchase the lowest-priced goods, your customers will still need the price down further, which means you will not only purchase the poorest quality products but also can earn the lowest profit. You maybe consider selling the poorer quality products as higher standard products to make more profit? But this step is almost impossible, even you can cheat a minor customer group, the majority of customers will realize and fire complain, which will end all the profit you had made to compensate the bad product problem, finally what you planned to purchase the lowest priced product to make more profit and gain more business results a complete loss and bad reputation to your business. 

2) Being a bit of stuck-up and picky to your suppliers. This is also a complete wrong deed to many buyers, as most of them are wrongly think they have too many suppliers to choose, thus all suppliers need to beg them for business because they don’t see the truth. Firstly, all suppliers, traders, wholesalers, and manufacturers are human, they’re not robots and machines without feeling, buyers can’t only see the profit and ignore building business relations with them. Secondly, each supplier is selling different products based on their own technology and materials. Some of the products may suit your market, and some may not. Thirdly, in case you’re not reselling only once, all suppliers’ products could be your need in the future. If you break the business relations, you won’t able to gain it again. Fourth, you also have customers, thus if you’re bad to your suppliers, how about your customers doing the same thing to you?

3) Don’t trust people. Why has a business running for over 10 years have customers said they don’t trust the business? Do not trust is a psychological effect that many buyers could have, which is very shameful as they’re making money more important than their face. Without trust, business is almost impossible, and all discussed before could be in vain. The most prominent reason buyers that don’t trust a business is due to other business having done something bad, this is a bad practice, which put the bad guy’s fault to the innocent ones. If buyers purchase at regular prices, not the prices lower than regular prices, they’ll safeguard their business from those risks, and could be very sure not need to worry about it.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

How easily build your own solar power plant with Leeka Corp?

Coal power plants are still providing the world’s most electricity supply, now the coal resource is on the brink of depletion, the price starts to go higher, people are paying higher prices for electricity. In the year 2021, coal plants of many countries are forced to shut down due to the storage of coal used up, which caused large-scale blackouts in many cities. If without electricity, many machines will stop working, computers won’t run, many people will lose jobs. 

Besides coal power plants, solar power plants are the cheaper and more convenient method to generate large amounts of electricity for people’s daily lives. What costs more for solar power plants are the solar panels, which are the core component to convert sunshine to electricity, you can easily procure them from Leeka corp with the lesser cost for reliable quality panels for both tier 1 and OEM brands.

Leeka corp is an alliance of major tier-1 brands in China, to combat price cheating, customer information is shared and connected, thus if any customer has good credibility, they will be top listed, otherwise, if they always asking price, even with bottom price, don’t buy, even disappeared,  they will be blacklisted. This business policy is intended to build a better business environment, to help those honest and credible, avoid complete business chain being devastated by those greedy ones.

To set up your own solar power plant, solar panels are the major components to guarantee long-term electricity generation and reliable electricity output. If solar panels are bad, it will have a lot of problems, mostly your solar plant will not work as you expected. Many people prefer to buy cheap quality solar panels, on the surface, they’re saving money, but if they can think deeper, they realize they’re wasting money. An analogy to explain the people want to buy cheap is just like a car producer gives three wheels to a car that normally needs four. Leeka corp always respects their customers to provide top quality products, they sell their products as a solution that can actually solve the problem. It’s very safe to purchase from the company, and the procedure is very simple, no matter what you buy, you will always get satisfactory goods.

After you get solar panels from Leeka corp, it’s very simple to go next step. You can employ some solar installers to install the solar panels for you. Or, if you have expertise in solar installation, you can install it by yourself. In case you can’t find a solar installer and you don’t have any knowledge of solar installation. You can find many tutorials from books and websites, you can start installing a small-scale solar plant first, when you have some experience, you can start installing more and more. After you install your own solar plant, you’re well trained to install solar plants for others, even you can establish a solar installation company to make money.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

How dangerous B2B trade portal is?

Many buyers use B2B portals to find suppliers, also many small business owners use B2B portals to lower their sales and marketing cost. The truth is after you checked all the suppliers on B2B portals, not any actually big companies using it, here is why:

1) Do you often receive emails containing a zip or a link that told you to reset your password? If yes, then you may wonder how this person finds you? why they’re so interested in your email account and want to crack your password? The truth is are partially from B2B portals and partially hackers parasitize on B2B portals. No matter you’re a supplier or a buyer, these people are interested in you, because these people want to get all your customer information and resell it, and there is someone buying it. This is why you should get rid of the B2B portal.

2) B2B portal is using your information to market itself. To get traffic to their website, they need something called keywords. These are often your company name, email address, and telephone number always becomes. When someone searches for your company information from google, the B2B portal’s website is right after your company website, thus visitors go directly to their website, and they’re reselling this traffic for a good price.

3) B2B portal is doing something perplexing you. They mark the product to half the selling price and even as low as one dollar to get traffic and attention, when you actually want to buy, the price is very high. This is not important, counterfeit products are the best choices to sell on B2B portals because the suppliers don’t care about their reputation, it’s the reputation of the B2B portal, so anything they sell after they make money, they go. Or just change their name and continue to sell something else. 

4) Top listed B2B platforms especially the giants are using big data to monitor everything you do include every click of your mouse and scroll of the screen, this is like installing a security camera in your home. You’re completely naked when you’re using them. They know what you want, they will suggest to you who paid them the most not the one who has the best product and prices.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Here it’s why you should stop compare the price of solar panels?

1, Each factory have their own manufacturing cost, the material cost of the solar panels on the same power.

2, Different factory have their own technology that also makes solar panel prices different.

3, The price now and the future is different, there is no fixed price all year round. The price you can buy now, can’t buy in the future.

4, The price also differs if the quantity is different. You’re wasting your time if you’re asking 10 container’s price but only purchase a small 1 container’s quantity. 

Monday, August 30, 2021

Here's why you should get rid of lower-priced products?

A product’s reselling profit is generally fixed if competition arise. Pursue maximum profit without a bottom line will ruin your business, this is not the way an honest business should do. Being greedy is just as bad as cheating as your customers will not believe you if you had sold the bad products to them once.

Lower priced products don’t guarantee the quality is as good as higher priced products. Generally, when price is reduced, the product material generally replaced with lower quality alternatives to guarantee the profit of the seller. In the meanwhile, a lower priced products can leave a bigger profit margin to the sellers when they reduce the quality to a standard without a bottom line.

You can find many lower-priced products filled on the B2B e-commerce website. They just take advantage of greedy buyers' interest to push the price very low, the truth of these low-priced products are actually rubbish, they either malfunctioned within a few months or have a very short lifespan within 1 year. The repetitive replacement of the product means a higher cost. For example, if one product you purchased on USD0.5 last for half a year, you will need two on total usd1 to last a whole year, but what if the same product cost usd1 last many years, what is your choice? This is the phenomenon that many buyers are pushing the price very low to purchase those usd0.5 cost products not considering the product cost usd1 will last many years are actually cheaper. This is also the reason why actually big brand companies are not using B2B, because once they using it, they will need to combat a price war either sacrifice their quality to lower the price or actually doing a deficit business which is not a long term plan.

If big companies not using the B2B e-commerce websites, are they actually having a higher profit? Actually no. Take leeka corp as an example, they have the rule to set the maximum profit of the product 20% of the cost which is also including the tax. The corporation has well considered the market of their buyers, if their profit is high, that means their buyer’s profit is low or they actually selling at a high price. So, once their buyers sell lesser quantity products, that means the factory has lesser products to produce, so lesser annual revenue. So, it’s not a thing as you think big companies are having higher profit.

How do higher-priced products compete with lower-priced products? The answer is time. In a short time period, buyers may choose lower price products, but once they find the product is rubbish, wasting their time and causing a lot of trouble, they should think of better quality alternatives. Also, many buyers will choose higher-priced products first, they're smart, they will not take a roundabout route to choose the lower-priced product first. So when they actually choose the higher-priced products, they find the value. They find the higher-priced products are actually worth it. Take the above-mentioned example the product cost half the price are actually far more expensive as they have lesser using life than the higher-priced products. So this kind of customer will continue buying higher-priced products. In the long run, you will find the lower-priced product sellers are continuously losing customers and continuously find new customers, but the higher-priced product seller is continuously gaining new customers and old customers still continue buying from them. The advantage is the old customers have bigger businesses and new customers have smaller businesses. You will see in the long term, why the higher-priced product sellers are winning. That's why many big brands are none lower price sellers.

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send...