Friday, April 9, 2021

Solar Panel And Start Your Own Solar Business

The solar panel is a great technology to change people’s lives, the greatest advantage of solar panels is that you can get clean energy without influence our living earth. Here below are some of the most utilized solar panels across the world for people to use to build their own solar plants or build large governmental projects.

Mono Solar Panel , Poly Solar Panel , Flexible Solar Panel , Mono 100 Watt Solar Panel , Mono 120 watt solar panel , Mono 150 watt solar panel , Mono 240 wp solar panel , 320w mono solar panel , 370w mono solar panel , Mono 400 watt solar panel , 500 watt monocrystalline solar panel , mono half cut 320w monocrystalline solar panel , mono half cell solar module 370w , mono 400 watt solar panel half cell , mono 450 watt half cut solar module , 80w solar panel poly Poly 120 watt solar panel , polycrystalline 170 watt solar panel , polycrystalline 230w solar panel 270w solar panel poly , 350w solar panel poly .

When you start your own solar business, the best way to market your product and gain continuous customers is to have your own brand. You sell others’ brand is to help them market their business, your customers would buy directly from them, you could sell well in one time and it won’t happen again the same thing as your customers already know the brand you’re selling and buy directly from them.

So choose a company that can produce the panels in your own brand is very important, as time going based on the sound quality, you will gradually establish your own brand influence across your market, your customers won’t choose those famous brand as they have a higher price than yours, why not choose the lower-priced good quality product from yours? 

The best place to make your own branded solar panels is from China. Many business owners would say:” I don’t like China goods!”, this may be an emotional resistance because China goods are so popular and almost everywhere. However, when the panels are in your own brand, you’re marketing the panels on your own, you’re not helping China brands market their products to improve their influence just like Huawei and ASUS, the China factory is only a role of workers you employed to help your business. When you can do it like Apple, why not?

Now, it comes to find the right factory for you to make your own branded solar panels. Many factories said they could make the custom brand product but the goods still have their models, which means even the goods marked in your brand it will potentially showing that the goods are from them. Attentive customers will find that the goods are from others but marked and packed in your own way, which will cause some customers to have doubt about your brand. However, from Leeka, they could completely make the goods on your own, even customized panel size, frame color, power, voltage, the panels will own have your own company information, you can have your own brand printed on the panels, the cartons.  For more information, you could visit the company’s website:

Friday, December 18, 2020

Future of B2B trading, not a game for children

International sourcing can be a challenge for many newbie buyers, it’s a process to gain knowledge, make foreign friends, and experience exotic customs. When the trade begins the war stalls, exchange merchandise between two countries is not just exchanging better and cheaper cost goods but also exchanges the friendship, sincerity between the people of two countries.

Your global presence is your face of your country, that’s absolutely right. B2B market should be a place for well-cultured gentlemen and ladies, they are polite, honest, not a bunch of liars they’re constantly breaking their words, and treating business between companies like a game of children. Once you break your words, you lost your credit, which will build you an unreliable profile, the truth is that all businesses in the world don’t like to do business with an unreliable person. 

The success pattern of the world’s leading business and the most successful ones are they always obey their words, they’re honest and sincere to their business partners thus they established themselves a high credit on global markets, their suppliers support them and their buyers trust them, under such condition, how can’t they don't win? Comparingly, see those greedy ones, they treat their suppliers like robots, they choose profit maximization, give up their sincerity and trust, constantly breaking their words, and finally end up in the helpless situation that no one trusts them, not to mention the success of their business.

B2B trading is different from street vending, those who do B2B trading as street vending can only be a small street vendor, not a big successful business. In B2B trading, your credit is the gold, if you lost money without losing your credit you will win and make more money, if you lost your credit for money, then you will lose and finally disappear in the B2B market. 

If you don’t believe credit is important, then ask the liars across the street, are they the big business owner? Actually, because they speak most of the lies, lead their life in a miserable condition. The greedy business person in B2B trading will soon end them in a miserable condition as they gradually lost their trust between their partners, many of them just ignorant, they don’t think is important and they don’t care, finally, they will lose their business and end them live like the liars in the street.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Get rid of Covid-19, why you should buy face masks from China?

First, China made face masks have a proven effect to help people get rid of Covid-19. China have the largest population, when the pandemic on its climax across the country, people there used almost all its all produced face masks. Now the disease almost disappeared, the country becomes as safe as before, even a few cases happened now and then, they're from the people coming from overseas.

Secondly, China made face masks have guaranteed quality. It's not the saying any quality of face masks can be produced, for example, the very poor quality ones. The market administration is not closing their eyes, first, the product needs to be tested and get approved with a quality certificate, secondly, every batch of goods selling to the market need to be inspected, and once find any unqualified product from the market, the boss of the factory will be fined heavily and may face a few years in jail according to the situation, and all the goods of the same batch will be confiscated and stopped to transport in the market. Face masks on exportation have more strict control than those selling in mainland markets, the procedure is more complicated and needs a lot of certificates and approvals, and goods highly inspected. Needless to say, goods on exportation must have a higher quality standard, and the production cost is generally higher.

The bias from other countries, China made face masks may not ok? People have that biased mind is because they don’t think China is a responsible country. The actual truth is China is quite responsible. For example, Customs seriously prohibit importers from using non-medical face masks in medical situations, the difference is quite clear, the non-medical face masks are used for the general public, and the medical face masks are used for hospitals where the people have high contamination with the virus. You won't need to wear a medical face mask if you're not in the hospital, non-medical face masks are quite enough, and it is cheaper. 

Do you need to test China made face masks before you purchase? The truth is quite clear, the country's local market administration had made it tested to have it guaranteed on the quality standard before transportation to the market. This is the first step in quality control. The second step quality control is when the goods need to be exported, the customs will inspect the goods, to guarantee not only the goods meet the basic country quality guideline but also meet the importing countries’ standards such as CE, FDA, etc.

The other advantage of purchasing face masks from China is China businessman is quite honest, responsible, and hospitable, you may always expect a satisfactory delivery and a pleasure on business. That's why so many businessmen enjoy importing from China, just like enjoy the pleasure of a drink. Besides, importing business is most lucrative, many importers can selling on twice or triple cost profit in their own country.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

How to differentiate the email you received is spam or not?

 1, check from the sender, that’s the email address send from. Generally, if it is from a real business, you can find many related information related with the email. Otherwise, if this email have scammed somebody before, there should have a record in Google search results. You can go directly to the website if you copy the part right after the @ symbol of the email if the sender is a real business, otherwise, if it is spam, there is no website. Note should be given, hackers can send from others' email address mostly, that email address could be anyone even including yourself, email like that generally including an unknown attachment, if like that, direcly reply the email, the email owner will know that their email address are being abused by someone else. The hacker's purpose is seducing you to open that virus in the attachment, not reply the email. Since the email is not owned by the hackers, only the email owner can receive your reply.

2, Check from the content, the more generic inquiry the bigger percentage of spam. A clear sign of the spam email is the content hasn't a specialized reference for the product. They just asking your price list, catalog, delivery time, etc. If the sender of the email is a hacker, they generally including an attachment in Zip, pdf, exe, html file, please don’t open it, and only open pdf, jpg, word, excel files until you verified the sender is a real business such as email address can direct to an authentic website. 

3, Sender using free emails such as hotmail, gmail,, can be a real business, as many business owners prefer free mails for more privacy. You can verify it through the contact information provided in the email footer, and also from the email content. Real business showing expertise writing their product, expressing their buying request, email content is very specific and clear. 

4, promotional emails are not spam email. As far as promotional emails are related to authentic products, services, not drugs, and criminals, the sole purpose of the sender is to solicit buyers which is like solicit buyers alongside the street. If senders send the email to the right one, most probably they’re sending from an email campaign.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Latest COVID-19 trends, why is still increasing?

All we know China had already won with COVID-19 in 2020 so far, people there have been to normal life for the past few months, but see other countries, is still increasing daily and the number is daunting. Too many people died, their lives just like us, but they died so worthless because of the government and people there less the willpower to completely control it.

As Biden said in his first presidential speech a simple and effective way to control covid-19 is described as “ just wear masks ”, he is right and masks are so simple and so cheap way to control the transmission of the disease but many countries and people there have failed to do that. They even ignore the importance of individual people's lives, maybe the president there is still alive and not get infected, because the government authority was not put their full effort to combat a COVID-19 war, instead they put troops on the border to provoke a war with other countries. The fund spends on the troops could buy billions of masks for their people, people could get better protected, the covid-19 would be erased in their country so far, the economy would have been boosted, and people would have been living a better life. At least, the president and the government authority were not realized that the money they spend was actually the flesh and blood of their people, is a pity that they have not elected the right person on behalf of the benefit of the majority.

It's a good thing that many businesses turned to source and supply PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) for the people in their countries, this phenomenon is described as nature in business, not as the” act of greedy“ of minority people prejudiced. As more and more businesses participate in the PPE business, it could bring more benefits to the people. First, they could get the same product at a lower price, second, they could get more diversified products of better quality. To clear some people’s ambiguity, a greedy business is those who selling on high profit without considering the benefit of the buyer, it generally composed of unreliable people and the people repeatedly break their promise. 

To source reliable PPE, you need to find a reliable supplier with years of experience that could effectively lower your trouble and reduce your cost. Get the lowest price from a start-up company within 3 years old could end your business completely at risk even though the supplier is a 100% product manufacturer because you don't know when the company will go bankrupt, if like that, your advance payment will never end up with a satisfactory delivery. What you need to find is a 100% genuine and reliable manufacturer, supplier with above 10 years old company for example Leeka corp. to have your goods well guaranteed with on-time delivery.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Is it still a wise choice to purchase from China starting in 2020 and the future?

Some of my clients doubt it is still a wise choice to purchase from China starting in 2020 and the future due to increased cost. Put me in their shoes, I couldn't find an alternative that could serve me both on profit and benefit for a wholesaler's business future.

Firstly, I could consider to source from India, also a large country with cheaper labor costs, but China has the advantage of its native product materials and technically better products, which could save me a lot of trouble. Comparing with cost and product performance, China would be a winner.

Secondly, the biggest advantage to source from China is that you can't find any monopoly of products. Thus, you could find many producers produce the same products, once the product goes wrong, is easy to get it fixed with components with very little cost. Different from the products from the US, Japan, and Germany, if their products go wrong, you can only find the components from the original manufacturer, which is a high cost, and also very inconvenient. The closer to life example is that many companies may have used HP DESKJET 2132 and Canon printer, once the ink goes out, you can only buy a new ink cartridge which is almost the same price to buy a new printer, but the ink cartridge produced in China can still add ink to use, which is a very small cost compares to buy a new ink cartridge.

Thirdly, China is a very friendly country, historically not showing hostility to other countries and people are well cultivated to treat others with politeness and justice. Is very easy to make friends with Chinese, they don’t have a bias like American white treating the black, and they’re modest and do not show deference to people of rich and poor. Chinese people are very hardworking and they’re rigorous on the work, thus you can trust the product produced by the workers. The most prominent example is the iPhone that most people love it across the globe, which was assembled in China.

Fourthly, China is a law enforced country. Companies are regulated by law, thus is very safe to trade with many Chinese companies. Many China companies are willing to keep low profit to themselves, thus is very easy to get profit if you import products from China.

Finally, China's mainland political circumstance is very stable, thus businesses are very rare to be interfered with by political factors, which provides many global businesses with a safety belt to do business with Chinese companies.

Friday, October 16, 2020

October, the harvest month

October, the harvest month
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Solar Panel And Start Your Own Solar Business

The solar panel is a great technology to change people’s lives, the greatest advantage of solar panels is that you can get clean energy with...