Tuesday, November 13, 2018

As a buyer why should choose to pay for samples?

There are a lot of advantages of paying for samples rather than enjoy freebies. Paying for samples can encourage a more effective business circulation and increases the rate of business success.

1, Even a small amount of cost, paying for samples could prove you’re a genuine and a sincerer buyer. Which could push your samples to the first proceeding tasks by your suppliers?
In this way, your samples could be delivered faster and better than your competitors, resulting in a higher rate of success with your clients.

2, When you’re asking for samples, there is a prospective long-term business relationship with this supplier. Considering you’ll pay for following orders many times, paying for samples is an experience for your international payment afterward. It could greatly reduce the risk of wrong payment, and payment failure. Especially paying for samples by T/T, your bank will have the record of supplier’s account whenever you make the first payment, if you pay the samples to the wrong account, it’s not so serious, anyway it’s a small amount of money, however, if you pay for a large amount of money to the wrong account, it will be a serious problem.

3, Suppliers making samples cost money and labor, samples production and packing is more expensive than bulk order. It demands a special person to take care of, and also special attention to prevent damage during shipping route. Courtesy demands reciprocity, paying for samples is showing your kindness to reward part of the supplier’s work. Anyway, if every person pretends to be a client to ask free samples from the supplier, how could your supplier run their business?

4, if you’re a client to your supplier, it means buying goods and give them profit. Otherwise, you can say borrow their goods and return with money, because they’re making no money. Samples is the initial process of business transaction, paying for samples is also showing your privilege to be a client, testifying you’re a client will pay the order later and give your supplier profit, and also, you’re a client having money rather have no money.

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