Sunday, September 9, 2012

Is it necessary for a factory to buy goods they can’t produce from other factory to keep their customers?

To buy the products from other factory always seems to be a good idea for a factory to keep new customers if the products they can’t produce in their own workshop,once the first transaction concluded,customers will reach this factory further for more related goods which may fall into the product series the factory itself can produce. Mostly ,this action will not make the factory to be considered as a trade company even when the customer do not visit the factory themselves.Honestly,some customers will  dislike the factory doing this to them,but under the circumstance the goods its urgently needed,and customer do not want to contact new suppliers for those goods his current supplier can’t produce,buying goods from other factory could be a great way to show goodwill and improve future business relations even most cases the factory itself would make no money on it.

Factories expect  their customers more understanding upon the situation they buying the goods they can’t produce from other factories, practically,mostly factories will bear a lost when they’re doing so,but on customer’s side,they will  think the factory having make some money on them just like a trade company.

For a factory buying the same industry products from other factories is not an easy thing,the business mostly can be done between factories with some kind relations,nor 90% above business will be a failure. Most factories are unwilling to sell their products to their competitors even the products looks like exactly same,they are caring about their technology skills to be leaked out,and their factory customer will not be their customer but will be their competitor.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Have you ever caring about your customers’ business?

To the salesperson, the most important thing is not about product quality but the services. When the first time the customers buy, they often tell you the product quality is extremely important as well as price. But no matter what they said, the precondition is based on the hospitability and consideration of the salesman and saleswoman, because no buyer want to buy some products from an unfriendly supplier even their goods is best and price is cheapest.

Customer will contact you actively when they really need certain kind of products which related with yours. Old customer will place order to his or her old supplier actively when he or her have further request of the goods.However, if one day they stopped placing orders and discontinued to contact with you further, will you ever ask them: why?

Due to keen competition, the market is more risky than ever before, to find right customers and sell products fastly and profitably need more knack and experience as well as time .Customers will do lost business sometimes due to improper management and unsuitable choice. A big buyer must be a great seller with tactics and ambition. Those buyers who know how to judge their supplier are factory or Trade Company and how to make their supplier give their rock-bottom price in a great short time and make them sell goods at no profits but return tax are not big buyers. Privately, they may feel self-conceited, and are happy with what they had bought –top quality at lowest price, so they can sell at a lot of profits, but actually not, other company are selling bad products at high price extremely well and synchronizely acquiring their market in a big share fastly and imposingly, that sounds a bit  sardonicism.

 Most suppliers are willing to lower their price further to their customers if they can to promote sales. However, if they are at no profit or at least the profit margin is extremely small already, all they can is taking following two ways to reducing price if you bargain further:

1, Reduce the cost of raw materials:
2, Reduce the cost of production
But once the cost of production maintains high and can’t be reduced, the only way to reduce the cost of products is to buy cheaper materials, which means going to a road with quality unguaranteed. So dear buyers, you are going to choose inferior quality goods with cheaper price.

Loyal customers do not only bring deeper business friendship but also the helping on business each other. Treat your supplier equally and respect, love your customers fondly and give them some help if they need can be a good way to cultivate and foster the “business tree” prosper and healthier.

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send...