Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why LED Yard light should be a trend?

Street light may be a tough business. It means high cost and serious quality checking. And street light may never applies its main function for beautification, it functions the lighting for the road. High lumen flux, good heat dissipation,durable housing, and a relative good color rendering index should be mentioned first on the quality factors when you’re dealing on this business.

Now, LED is a trend, and have already applied in many main cities and big cities all over the world. LED street lights have already been talked one thousand times, many ordinary person knows it. We need to consider that the market already have too much of it,and for manufacturers, they have had already developed thousand of models on such a variety that for any kind buyers its hard to make a choice right away.

Yard light, some body called it garden light. Yes, no mater yard or garden,they means the same place around your house in external places. Yard light provides the light for your yard, a place around your house outside;it provides such an ambient  brightness so when you have an outdoor activity around the place near your house, there is no necessary to carry a torch. Yard light provides such a convenience that it can light on the certain period of time, for example 6:00pm-9:00pm, providing the lighting for you coming home from work,and providing the lighting for you if you feel tired and wanted to have a little walk outside. Anyway, a little walk around your house is safe,because is in your own living places,you already familiar with it and never worried any bad person will come in to beat you. And the light of the yard light makes no hiding places for thieves, they’re afraid of light, and for you,you can recognize any person who’re in the light.

Compares with street light, Yard light consumes really small amount of money. Now, yard lights equipped with embedded LED light source, it achieve high color rendering index, high lumen flux, and generate small amount of heat. The lifespan of yard light is greatly prolonged in this way, and the grotesque design of yard light makes it a decoration no matter in the day or in the night.

People love yard light, because it shows their taste of life. No need to have such a bad life before, especially now a private garden needs to have some light in it. If the garden is big, yard light can be placed along side the road, so it can provide light for your walk. For residential areas, roads were everywhere, but it’s not like street, so lots of yard light need to be installed.

Mounted on poles 4.5-6m high, yard light is easy to be installed and maintained. Every person with a bit amount of electricity knowledge can fix it and install it. Yard light produced by leeka adopted electrostatic powdering, which is a kind method protecting the light fixture from weathering, especially by corrosion rain water. Further more, with electrostatic powdering, different kind colors such as bronze, copper, merlot, black, white, grey, green etc. can be applied on the surface of the metal parts. Customers can want the surface of the light fixture with different patterns based on their design,which can be done by change the die-cast mold and powdering pigments.

Now, manufacturers such as leeka put their main attention on LED yard light, which based on the trend that LED is a fashionable technology, a new kind energy saver, a clean lighting. Embedded LED light source for yard light saves customers the trouble to buy light source,but the integrated light is more complicated and the cost of-cause rises. 

A Business account matters in international trade

Foreword:This article is for newbie importers, any experienced importers know the ways to judge whether their business partner in the foreign country is a honest business or a liar.

First,any business in China according my experience who wants to export need to apply a right to export their goods from their local government or relative officials. With an import and export certificate they get from the bureau,they can apply a bank account receiving us dollars from a bank,the bank needs to have international branches over the world,so it affords international funds transaction possible.

Second,if any US dollars received by the applied bank account,they can’t use it immediately.The bank will notify the business they have money received from a foreign country.The company may show their contract with the buyer,the commercial invoice and must get a approval from relative officials knowing that they received the money rightfully on business purpose. Then the company can exchange the dollar to RMB,get it out from the bank.

So,doing an international business transaction. If you’re afraid to be cheated,never pay any money to a personal account,when you get the proforma invoice,check the bank information carefully.A business account is the most trustive way to judge whether you’re dealing with a rightful business or any other personal.A business account tells you they have an exporting right,and exporting right means a right business without any cheating history,because only a business have these qualifications can they be approved by the relative officials.

Don’t be shy,just be bold. Talking with any exporters you never known before means a new opportunity which will brings you profit you may anticipated long time ago in your mind.International trade is the most profitable business for importers,they can buy the goods which have no competition in their local market,and a price which means too high to affordable by local manufacturers.

While on business for international,talk on phones may sometimes means time saving.But e-mail is the most important way for business correspondence,it stores every detail of corresponding which however,on the phone it may last only for a few minutes,and you may forget when time goes long.E-mails enables you to check the past history,you find it in the archives,this means long time ago what you said to your partner,and what your partner replied can be checked and viewed for a full consideration today.

Deck Light

Deck Light
Simple lined and graceful built, deck light have an appealing appearance styled and formed on diversity and variety. Deck lights are appealing when they’re installed on district, garden on the post.Very easy to be installed and maintained, deck light consume only a small amount of electricity. Made out from stainless steel,aluminum,iron,deck light further strengthened its capability by electrostatic powdering which is a kind technology that under electrostatic interaction, pigments are drawn on the surface of the workpiece uniformly to form a smooth,shinning coating to resist corrosion and to achieve an effect of certain colored beautification. The adhesive force,powdering effect,corrosion and aging resistant effect under electrostatic powdering  of pigment powder is normally stronger than lacquering and cost is normally low.Deck lights are normally designed on four screw hole basis, with only four screws to fix the light on a flat surface firmly.

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send...