Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ten advantages led lighting possessed:

Ten advantages led lighting possessed:
  • Small lamp body:
With tiny chips packaged in water-clear epoxy resin, led light source can save a great amount material and space on production and application. 
  • Low cost energy 
Normal voltage for led only have 2-3.6V,current only need 0.02-0.03A,it means it cost no more than 0.1W electricity power, it reduce 90% above energy cost than the incandescent lights which can give out same amounts of light. Compares to CFL,it can reduce about 70% above energy cost. So LED is really power saving!

  • Tough and durable
LED chips are packaged in epoxy resin, makes it a firm and almost indestructible object, inside led chips are very hard to get destroyed and also impossible to burned out by high temperature. Compares with incandescent light, fluorescent light, led is indestructible and much more durable. 

  • Long lifespan
Powered by suitable voltage,current,led can makes its lifespan about 100,000hours,the long longevity star in lighting field. 

  • Safe
Powered by low voltage current 6-24V, LED is safer then traditional lighting products even some high voltage led lighting products. 

  • Wide application
LED light source can be used in many lighting products, led lamps can replace all the traditional lighting place.

  • Abundant lamp color
LED can make out all most all the color in the world, with its colorful lighting, LEDs are not only used in household, but also in decoration and many other places.

  • Give out very small heat 
LEDs are advanced solid state cold light source, it do not emit large amount infra-red and ultraviolet rays, it will not generate green housing effects around just like traditional lighting, LED globes, led tubes will not turn yellowing, lamps will not turns old so soon.

  • No environment cost
LEDs environment protection function can be listed at below three aspects:
  1. No mercury pollution and potential harm. LEDs do not contain mercury just like fluorescent lights, wasted and damaged lamps do not release mercury.
  2. Epoxy resin are Organic polymer compound, it have very stable physical and chemical properties, its strong cementation and resilient property makes it very hard to be damaged, it also can be recycalbe,will not cause environment pollution.
  3. LEDs will not cause lighting pollution.

  • Save your cost
Market price for led lamps are relatively higher than traditional lamps, but with your home long run by LED lighting, you can save a great deal than using traditional lamps.

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