Sunday, December 18, 2011

LED lamps market and its future:

As a very promising lamp alternative of traditional luminaries, LED lamps gradually stand out to become the first choice of end-users. Customers would like to buy a lamp that would cost them more rather than a traditional lamps which they had used many years, and do not remember how many times they had done the maintenance and replace the light bulb or tubes .Cost of electricity is really a headache for some poorer families, Spend more money on electricity means they have lesser disposable money on their other home projects. We can have many ways to save our money, but reduce the cost on electricity is the most direct and simple one.

Like other places of the world ,in the rural place of china light bulbs with E27,and B22 are the mainstream .Old incandescent bulbs are really electricity consummation ,light bulbs below 45w is not enough for a better lighting environment, however if you use 100w bulbs for three rooms ,the monthly electricity cost is really a burdensome problem .I do not remember how many bulbs my home had used when I was still young ,but I remember ,my dad always bought 10 bulbs when the new year come ,and between a year had replaced about tens of bulbs. One time I had been asked to throw about 20 more bulbs to a dustbin .And always meet the problem when I turn on the light, the bulbs light on a while and break down can't be lighted again .Old incandescent bulbs are not good looking ,and can be damaged under a careless  installation and during a tough transshipment. If you have child in the room, please remember to hang the bulb higher or be installed directly with a base on the ceiling .The incandescent bulbs are not suitable for reading books, its yellow light glow are really eyesight damaging .The disadvantages of incandescent bulbs ,old lighting fixtures made people to search for new lighting products that could circumvent the disadvantages and give them a better lighting effects .CFL(A compact fluorescent lamp ) are newly generated in lighting industry not a few years ago, now you can find all kinds CFLs are on displaying to sell in the markets ,. I remember the fist CFL my dad bought had been used for about ten days ,and then break down can't be used any more .The intention of my dad to buy CFL is to save the money on electricity cost, but actually it go inverse with his target. I am very sure you can buy a nice CFL in the supermarket now, which can really save your cost on electricity as well as a good lighting effect. But do you ever considered all of your incandescent bulbs ,CFL,HPS lights you are currently using now can be replaced by a more cost effective ,better lighting effects ,longer using life, more resilient to frequent turn on and off, wider application lamps ?

LED bulbs with B22 base can replace B22 based incandescent bulbs and CFL directly without mention .Current technology and manufacturing skills can make LED lamps adaptable for almost all lighting products applied areas .The development history of LED bulb is short, but it’s already a matured products now, you do not need to worry about the technical problems which would influence the using life of the lamps .A practical investigation told the LED lamps have a average lifetime of 50000-70000hours ,which it’s really long .means you will not need to replace the lamps about 10-20 years under a normal lighting time .LED bulbs are lesser fragile than incandescent lamps ,CFL,HPS lamps, die casted aluminum out-shell makes the bulb more stronger .LED lamps are more resilient for long time and tough transshipment .it’s more safe and stable than other lamps .LED lamps are exceedingly energy saving ,it can reduce your electricity cost to a smallest share .high power LED street lights have already been used in many big cities ,LED tubes are remarkably superior than non-led light tubes ,its immediate start up, no flashing ,no ultraviolet rays and infrared rays makes it unbeatable by other lamps .

World countries are now more realized the reduce of CO₂ emission is an effective way to relief global warming .Reducing the using electricity of world can reduce the number of power plant ,which can effectively reduce the emission of CO₂. More LED lamps are not only a basic need of its markets, but also a requirement of responsible governments.

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