Monday, May 28, 2012


I once asked a guy who is so smart to know everything," people lives,people die, is there an end to end this bad circle ?" he said "no ,everyone should obey the nature ,even the nature himself ".There are people in this world looking for longevity prescription to live forever in this world, but none of them live till today . There are Centenarians in china and the world, but none of them can live over 300 years. China have a saying "plankton" which can only live few hours and people often refer it "short life”, it exists and it vanish, but it still own its own life ,everything enjoy or lost are short for them, do they like human awaring about it?

Buddhist said "Everything is nothing ", people live in this world just like a dream, some feel satisfied and some feel empty, some are rich and some are poor, but one day, they will all old and die, all you have pursued hardly in this world will leave behind and you can’t bring it with you to your tomb. One day, you’re setting there by a wooden table drinking a cup of coffee, you feel calmed, and said: this is life, life is simple and no need deep thought. You just enjoy what GOD have bequeathed you, and live like a way of grass, you endeavored to work to earn money for your family but just like the same way the grass imbibe water and nourishment to grow to show nature the green.

You know you will old and die, life is just seventy and eighty years. But you feel satisfied, you think: at least I have had a children and a family even they all will die and perish from this world, gone like grass and water and disappear invisible like air. Once you realized, you begin cherish every hour and minute, but most part, you’re busy, every minute and hour lost without your attention, just between your fingers.

What life is? Rich people have too many money that they can’t spend them all while they’re living, poor people do not have a penny, every day they’re crying for more food. Life is honey, too many sweet dreams; they spend their money like water, living in merriment and comfort, why life is so short? That’s rich people’s life. But for the poor, every day they toil and living under punishment and scolding, and reprimand why even a short period of seventy or eighty years is so long?

There is a bible, in which, GOD created man and loved them. Our forefather Adam and foremother Eva mistook, descent from Eden garden to earth, that’s how the original sin comes from? You will never realize the baptizing cleansed your sin or not. But, God had told: Love every people like your brothers .Love-this is a word will live forever in this world, if rich people do not realize what love is, they will not happy; if poor people do not realize what love is, they will never become rich.

The world has given you so much, either you’re happy or not. If you’re businessman, you need to be honest and fair, treat your partner like brothers and sisters. Do not cheat, try every transaction to bring happiness and benefit to the other area’s people. Do not press the price so down that your supplier have no profit to feed their workers, let the goods be the gospel to give your customer the joy and happy. Do not become a slave of money, let the transaction, the money become the source of happiness and love.

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send...