Friday, December 18, 2020

Future of B2B trading, not a game for children

International sourcing can be a challenge for many newbie buyers, it’s a process to gain knowledge, make foreign friends, and experience exotic customs. When the trade begins the war stalls, exchange merchandise between two countries is not just exchanging better and cheaper cost goods but also exchanges the friendship, sincerity between the people of two countries.

Your global presence is your face of your country, that’s absolutely right. B2B market should be a place for well-cultured gentlemen and ladies, they are polite, honest, not a bunch of liars they’re constantly breaking their words, and treating business between companies like a game of children. Once you break your words, you lost your credit, which will build you an unreliable profile, the truth is that all businesses in the world don’t like to do business with an unreliable person. 

The success pattern of the world’s leading business and the most successful ones are they always obey their words, they’re honest and sincere to their business partners thus they established themselves a high credit on global markets, their suppliers support them and their buyers trust them, under such condition, how can’t they don't win? Comparingly, see those greedy ones, they treat their suppliers like robots, they choose profit maximization, give up their sincerity and trust, constantly breaking their words, and finally end up in the helpless situation that no one trusts them, not to mention the success of their business.

B2B trading is different from street vending, those who do B2B trading as street vending can only be a small street vendor, not a big successful business. In B2B trading, your credit is the gold, if you lost money without losing your credit you will win and make more money, if you lost your credit for money, then you will lose and finally disappear in the B2B market. 

If you don’t believe credit is important, then ask the liars across the street, are they the big business owner? Actually, because they speak most of the lies, lead their life in a miserable condition. The greedy business person in B2B trading will soon end them in a miserable condition as they gradually lost their trust between their partners, many of them just ignorant, they don’t think is important and they don’t care, finally, they will lose their business and end them live like the liars in the street.

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send...