Sunday, November 4, 2018

Always the cheaper the best

A client is visiting a supplier’s workshop, during tea time, he pointed to a photo in the supplier’s product brochure and said: how much this cost? The supplier said: usd250. Client frowned and laughed: I could buy this from the other supplier on only usd120. Supplier had no reply, just then, a ring from his other client caught the client’s attention, he saw the supplier slowly took out his iphone X from his trouser pocket, pushed the button and talked with his client in 1 minute. Then he put the iphone on the teapoy, take off the back cover and batteries inside, blew the dust inside with his mouth, and said: this iphone cost me usd80 from an online store, had spent 20 dollars to make it fixed in one repair shop five times, now problem again, thinking will spend more money to fix it. He then put in the batteries and restore the back cover, smiled to the client: always the cheaper the best. The client smiled too.

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