Thursday, November 8, 2018

Three things you should know about leeka

1, Leeka is a China-registered company, the name leeka is translated from its Chinese name” 力卡”, means” top energy and high efficient”; unlike other Chinese manufacturer’s name with its location added in front of its name, and industry added between, the shortage of leeka’s name indicates its globalization trend and its top management’s intelligent foresight.

2, In Riverside, always flourishing big enterprises such as ASUS. And Chinese traditional geomantic omen also believe Riverside is also a great place to do big things. That place is normally as expensive as gold. Where the river name is more widely known than the name of the road, river name is generally more preferred as the address of an enterprise. You can find Leeka very easily by its address” NO.107 MISHI River”.

3, Leeka is not only doing one thing, but it also has its products covered widely in solar energy panels, battery, solar lights, LED lights and galvanized steel poles. This is the reason you can find leeka’s steel poles, galvanized steel products much lower price than that from other manufacturers. Except for local manufacturing facilities, you can also find its manufacturing branches in Zhejiang and Guangdong province.

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