Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to control your Led Streetlights?

Customers want a build-in control system for LED streetlights before the goods get out of the factory, actually is not in need. Control system equipped by factory could definitely increase the lamp cost, also the control system sometimes not dependable because customers don’t know or understand completely how it will work. My suggestions is customers get the LED streetlight and control machine separately from a professional factory,i.e, streetlights from a led lamp manufacturer, control machine from a LED streetlight control system manufacturer.

For controlling of Led streetlights, here I suggest one control system based on Zigbee, about what is Zigbee, I will introduce separately in my next blog.

Based on Zigbee technology, we can control each LED Streetlight separately, which do not like traditional control method controlling streetlights in different places by the side of led streetlight pole. Trough Zigbee and GPRS wireless Network, we can control all streetlights in one place such a control center beside a computer. The way do not only include control each LED streetlight on and off, but also control all the streetlights together to realize different lighting effects.

 To realize Zigbee wireless control of led streetlights, firstly get prepared of the equipments below.

1, Node Controller for LED streetlights, how many node controllers in need should depend on how many LED streetlights you want to be controlled. The node controller can be built in the led streetlight or fix on the LED streetlight pole separately. LED Streetlight can be openable, by turn the screw, you can open the Streetlight shell, and about where you should put the node controller, should better choose the space where the power supply put in.
2, General controller, no matter how many led streetlights you want to be controlled, if all of them in one control system, the General controller should be only one. General controller sending control signals to the node controllers through Zigbee wireless Network and get control instructions from control center through GPRS.

3, Control system software, a software installed in a computer to realize full control of all LED streetlight controllers.Throught humanized control of the software, we can deploy parameters for led streetlights, command led streetlights. All the instructions deployed by the software will send to general controller by GPRS Network.

Luminous emittance influence mentality

Light is so important which relates everything about our life, artificial lights for modern home lighting are incandescent, halogen, fluorescent; LED lights which based on a higher technology can greatly improve our life standard.

Psychology and Ophthalmology research results proved, only under a suitable luminous emittance, can we enter into work, study circumstances comfortably; suitable luminous emittance can benefit our mental and physical healthy, unsuitable luminous emittance  will cause us eyestrain and head uncomfortable.

Luminous emittance which is defined by General Physics the luminous flux incident on unit area of a surface. Its measured in lux. According research finding, luminous emittance for particular living circumstance, for example bed room, atelier etc. have a certain confined range. Blow data is based on their mass research.

1, Bed room

Basic Luminous emittance: 20lx----50lx, reading or makeup: 250lx-700x, you may improve the luminous emitance by getting more lamps. If you’re using dimmable led lights, you can turn the switch to get more lights.

2, Parlour
Basic luminous emittance: 20x-75lx, using sofa or things related with moving tea sets, eating pastry should have 120lx ---4000lx.

3, Study room
Basic luminous emittance: 50lx-120lx, things which related with reading should have 500lx---1200lx.

Basic luminous emittance: 75lx-150lx, 200lx---500lx should in need for washing and makeup.

Basic luminous emittance: 75lx-150lx, 200lx---800lx should in need for cooking.

Above statistics can be valuable advices for lamp designer and end-users. Adjust the lamp suitablely according practical request could be meaningful for every families. Normally, reference should be paid to white light; above 90 % modern lamps are white light which is the most familiar, acceptable light for us.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Three aspects to tell you why LED lights can save energy?

Before LED lights, people have CFL to cut their home energy bill.Now, it’s led lighting generation, many country issued policies recommends their residents using led lights, traditional incandescent lamps banned.

Comparing with LED, CFL is not very safe, because its mercury vapor would always be a latent danger to any of its users.LED have more advantages than CFL,and it’s environmental influence is lesser than CFL,can be considered a rather clean  Luminaries.

People always deem LED’s energy saving on its high lumen flux, for example: 5W replace traditional light 60W,so can save more energy.Actually,lumen flux is only one of the influencing factor relating with LED’s energy saving, the other two can be listed below:

Long lifespan: Why lifespan save energy? Led’s average lifespan 50,000 hours comparing with fluorescent/CFL’s 3,000 hours. 16.6 times higher than fluorescent/CFL. If “A” stands for LED light,”B” stands for CFL or fluorescent, we can make a equation below:

(1)    A’s lifespan=16.6 ×B’s lifespan
(2)    Energy usingCFL is about 40lm/w,LED is about 80lm/w,the energy saving equation can be made below
A’s energy using=1/2 B’s energy using in one hour
See lifespan how to save your energy
As A’s lifespan is 16.6 times longer than B. so total energy A can save will be 1/2 ×16.6=0.030(3/100), which means A can save 97% above B’s energy. That’s an incredible figure. Please note: this is only LED on energy’s side, do not include other cost, apparently, we can notice, if make B last as long as A, should have 17 B,if each B cost usd 1,17 times would cost 17dollars don not including replacement ,transportation cost interim.

Power factor: Power factor relates the power using efficient, the higher the power factor, more power would be used for the light, which means more energy can be useful to contribute the lighting instead of others. Led lights can have a power factor above 0.9,which means 90% electricity power are used for the lighting, only 10% for others. Traditional lights have a very low Power factor, many electricity power are wasted on generating useless heat or others.

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