Monday, August 20, 2018

The importance of reliability

Reliability is some person dependable, trustable, responsible and also responsive. Why it matters so much in international business?

1, Reliability makes you feel safe. For example, if you give some money to some body you can very sure you will get rewarded.
2, Reliability makes you feel comfortable. Comparing with anxious that you won’t get feedback from your contact, plus all things failed to appear in expected time. A person of reliability always follows what he says. For example, if he said do sometime in a given time, sure he will do it in that time even he has more important things to deal with in that time.
3, Reliability is a definite implementation of commitment. Without to obey his words, a person is slippery, and won’t be trusted. When we say we’re cheated because the person we deal with failed on implementation.
4, Reliability is the key characteristics makes most people in success. When those people are cheating, all they get is small gain. People cheated won’t contact them anymore. Only those with high reliability are always win big clients, and people are willing to pay them a bit more.

Monday, August 13, 2018

3 reasons to tell you why sourcing from china?

1, China is the largest developing country, have largest population and abundant resources. Most importantly, china have a history and cultural heritage above 500years adoring honest labor, credibility in business and mutual respect between people. So, when you’re doing business with a Chinese people, you will find pleasure as well as gain in your investment. When a Chinese said they will do something for you, in 100% they will fulfill it, comparingly you can see too many examples the people from other countries when they’re saying something, in 98% they failed to comply.

2, Population lowered manufacturing cost, abundant resources reduced material cost, in both ways china had made its product the lowest price comparing with other countries in the world.
There is no doubt China is the largest producer in the world, before and now; from before labor intensive merchandize to current technology intensive products, china is paying more and more attention to improve its product standard. China’s steel plants are the largest in the world, equipped with cutting edge technology and could produce any kind steel according the need of globe. Products such as solar, electronics are in best quality and lowest price powering the industry development of 98% countries.

3, China has the best reliability if you want source from other countries. China is safe and law 
enforcement country, the quality of people is more influenced by China’s long cultural tradition adoring honest labor and credibility in business. Chinese salespersons are too diligent and hospitable that most buyers normally think of not true and tending not to believe, but actually they’re true and honest. You can feel free to trust. 

The importance of a reliable business supplier

Customers are God, this we always said when we’re doing some business. However, the source of goods come from suppliers, just like when we eating foods, the foods come from farmers. The bread and milk are meat and blood from God. The general merchandise and stuff we eat and drink are a totally different thing, only we’re in dire needs, we respect it and think it precious.

Why some people find the business is hard to do? Because they tend not to trust any person, hard for them to invest any money. If you’re tending not to trust, you’ll lose many good business opportunities. Sometimes a lot of hesitation, too much delay or suspicion; you have a good buyer but they’re waiting for you until you finally make a good decision but they had waited too much time and decided to go before you think it reasonable.

How many times you think some actual good person to be cheating or not real? Networks put people all across the world close, scammers, cheaters, and those unreliable persons are easy to be found, but actually, you have a wise mind and experience of business.

In most times, your suppliers are helping you make money. They’re cutting their profit to half and give half of it to you so you could profit from your clients. They’re helping your control the good quality and time of delivery or almost everything to make you enjoy a pleasant business and triplicate your money on the investment.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Concentration brings more fruitful results.

1, Spend 30 minutes and 15 minutes to produce the same product is different thing, obviously, the later one is doing a shoddy work, pay less attention in detail and finding product defects.
This is one way to reduce product cost.
2, Why your suppliers stopped sending you free samples? Because you’re not concentrate with them, a bit of slippery, and always thinking of better alternatives. In this way, they think its not necessary to cut product profit to minimum and pay too much attention in production.
3, The highest price is of cause too much profit that’s you can’t accept, the middle prices are too much choices, but the lowest price is too much cheating.
4, Concentration brings more fruitful results, why? When suppliers find their clients loyalty, they know their investment will not in vain, so they are willing to spend more time on product improvement and doing more things benefit to the client. 
5, When you’re asking why most suppliers don’t give price serious and prepare documents in best detail and quality? They said, because I don’t know if he could continue with me even I spend the best day and the hardest time prepare everything for him, that means even I do my best best, the final result will be in vain. That’s the best reason they don’t want to devote and you’ll always get second grade things.
6, With concentration you spend more time communicate with the same supplier of product detail, price optimization and other business opportunities. In this way, both party can understand each other very well, trust more and have better relations. Prevented business secret released to your competitors’ supplier or your client’s supplier. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

How to increase the success of your business?

There is a bad habit that some clients would like to inquire more suppliers before they make decision. So why must you ask more suppliers when everything the current supplier provided are all satisfied both in good quality and prices? How do you sure the 3rd supplier or your finally decided supplier could do better? The actual truth is potentially asking more suppliers are reducing your success of business, leading more unloyalty suppliers and bad business relations.

Such phenomenon of this is caused by distrust, because the buyer doesn’t think the supplier provided is real and he would like to inquire more than 3 to compare and make final decision. Oppositely, suppliers also influenced by buyers of such attitude, and wouldn’t give the buyer a true price or even give a misleading price to screw up the buyer’s business. How do you think the price is much lower than market level is true? After made the agreement with your reseller, you finally find there is actually no products based on such prices, and the supplier offered such prices said everything changed because so long time passed after the first quotation.

Good suppliers give you price under careful calculation both ensure the goods quality and profit maximum for your side, when you leave and don’t even want bother to send a message to respond or reasoning, you’re expose your buying request to 2nd supplier or more, some are misleading you to final business failure, and some finally become your competitors and potentially encroach your market.

Success business is based on a loyal relationship between buyers and suppliers, understanding trust is mutual not one side. If you don’t trust others, how do they trust you? If you don’t trust on them, tell them why? then everything could be solved. When you have an offer in hand, it is top business secrecy that should be shared by fewest people, make few persons reliable and concentrate it in long time under close negotiation that’s the only way to make things flawless and more compatible to end’s requests. The biggest mistake of some sourcing specialist is they change supplier immediately when they find a bit below of their expectation, they don’t want bother a bit time to complain or to tell that they need a change or a difference, so communication is simple just yes or no. This apparently made business not based on a firm foundation, all the communication and efforts done before could be in vain, you can image the results. 

Trade globalization brings more transparency of the markets, sometimes your supplier and you are dealing with the same clients, and you even don’t understand. The close relationship between supplier and buyer is more crucial, when you’re looking your supplier’s supplier, your supplier is also looking a good deal with your clients directly. Greedy is actually being pushed out of the market, comparingly loyalty, high agreement fulfillment will make you stand out and become the top of the market.

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send...