Friday, September 6, 2019

Why quality is the better way to secure your market than cheap prices?

1, More and more end-users willing to pay a bit more to get better quality goods rather pay cheap to get rubbish goods which will fail to work in just a few months. It’s true end users lead the market. The more end-users willing to buy, a better market to resellers, distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers. End users decide the market in such a way that is so prominent for example in every year September to October, people normally say, gold September and silver October that’s the harvest time for farmers historically, end users normally at this period of time willing to buy more due to their increased buying capability, market at this time becomes energetic, and all businesses are selling more.
2, Better quality goods actually save people the trouble and increases the convenience, people buying goods intents to serve for their life not causing trouble. Oppositely, cheap-priced goods normally couldn’t afford a considerable quality standard, occasionally it causing trouble and makes people unhappy and stirs their life. Those influences are obviously prominent for people living in a fast-paced life, even a small impact like this will cause a series of negative effect on people’s life.

3, Low priced goods are hard to sell due to a historical mindset that quality is not favorable, also the market trends proved that the always winner is the better-priced goods with favorable quality. A continuous using of low-quality products can speed up the garbage accumulation in our earth, which will deteriorate our living environment and causing bad impact on our society. 

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