Saturday, April 23, 2016

Yard Light

Yard light,is a kind outdoor lighting  facility normally installed on pole lesser than 6 meters high. It composed of five different parts which are light source,light fixture,light pole, flange, basic foundation burying part.Yard lights bear a great variety and a characteristic of beautification and decoration, therefore it is also called landscape garden lights.

When yard lights moved into 1990s, it was used widely into urban slow traffic lane, narrow traffic way, residential district, tourist attractions, park, square, private gardens, courtyard  corridor.One side or both side of the road was equipped with yard lights to provide more affordable time for people’s outdoor activity and lift the safety level concerning people’s life and property. Whether to ameliorate people’s mood, better their emotion, change their perception and sense or to make a night mottled  with light and darkness, yard lights adorn the city in the day and provide necessary illumination and daily convenience in the night. People feel safe seeing the ambience of light boomed by the yard lights;city highlights was made salient,beautiful style was played, so as to be used until today matured into a full-developed industrial chain.

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