Thursday, April 28, 2016

Landscape light

As an integral part of modern scenery,landscape light itself is an ornamentation,it stressed the artistic lighting according and harmonizing with historical culture,ambient atmosphere. Landscape light fabricate an appealing scene by its varied modelling, heterogeneous lighting color and brightness. For example,a red lantern landscape light brings happiness to the square,a green coconut landscape light makes a scene of tropic.Landscape light used in the scenery places such as square,residential area,public green field etc.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wall Light

Wall light is an assistant lighting fixture mounted on wall. Equipped with ivory-white glass shade generally,wall light often powered 15-40W luminaire. Elegant and harmonious,wall light can decorate the surroundings  gracefully,sumptuously,in this way,a situation  of wedding atmosphere should be the most suitable place for its application.The species and types of wall light varies in general ceiling light,color-changing wall light,bed top wall light,and mirror front wall lights etc.

Balcony,staircase,corridor,bedroom etc. are the normal places wall lights are mounted on.Color changing wall lights are for holiday,and happy events.Bed top wall lights are installed on the upper left corner of bed,the head of light can be turned to all directions,the light is concentrated for reading.Mirror front wall lights are installed nearby the mirror in the washing room in most cases.

Wall lights should be installed 1.8 meters slightly higher than our apparent horizon. The illuminance of wall light should not be too strong to achieve abundant artistic appealing. The shade of wall light should be decided according the color of wall; if white or creamy wall is provided,soft green or light blue shade  should be used;if lake or sky blue wall is provided,milk white,light yellow and tawny shade should be used; in this way,a conspicuous wall light on a big monocolour wall background, brings a fresh and elegant feeling to people.

The connecting wire to wall light should choose light color,so it would be easy for the paint of the same color of wall be coated to keep the wall clean and tidy.By the way,a groove just the right size of the wire could be carved on the wall  before hand to embed the wire,same color of the wall paint could be coated above the level up with lime.

1,Living room light: A trident, five branched or big round chandelier should be suitable for a relatively higher space,it makes the living room appearing grand and magnificent. However,if the height of living room is relatively low,a floor lamp and ceiling lamp can make it appears bright and generous,and a sense of  contemporaneity.With floor lamp settled beside the sofa, artistic decorative table lamp on the tea table, an installation of wall light slightly lower on the wall around could achieve a better effect for localized illumination for reading books,papers; a cordial and harmonious ambience would be added while talking with guest and customers also.In the back wall of television,a small sized wall light can be installed to protect eyes with its soft lights.

2,Bedroom light:The light in the bedroom should be soft and warm color toned.Wall light and floor light can replace ceiling light in the center,diffuse material shade with  low brightness surface should be used for wall light.The wall above the bedhead would be an ideal place for glass wall light with tawny engraved designs of primitive simplicity,refined elegance, and deep makings.

3,Dinning room light:The light shade in the dinning room should have an extremely good surface finish enabling timely scrubbing; glass, plastic and  metallic material should be used instead of knitted,yarn fabric,complicated formation or constructed with pendants. Light source of a bit yellow such as incandescent or fluorescent should be preferred to send out ardent warm color.Nearby,if a kind of warm colored wall light setting on the wall,it would make an atmosphere letting the guests feeling more inviting and stimulate their appetite.

4,Bathroom light: Bathroom is a relaxing place,thus bright and soft light is used to illuminate the entire room uniformly. As for a small bathroom, a ceiling light is enough. A luminous ceiling with its diffused illumination or integrated ceiling light and wall light are suitable for big bathrooms.Instead of ceiling light,a wall light could avoid water vapour condensed on the surface leading to the corrosion of the metal and the loss of light.Wall light for bathtub,rays of light blended with the water,giving out a sweet fragrant making people feeling relaxed and mellowed.Notice should be mentioned that this kind wall light should be a moisture-proof type.

House illumination never again restricted on “one light one room” as before. How to suitably arrange the match of pendant light,ceiling light,and special used wall light,desk light,floor light together to make a concoction of different tone balmy for inhabitant are an updated requirement of romantics.As for wall lights,it’s role becomes more and more important.

Yard Light

Yard light,is a kind outdoor lighting  facility normally installed on pole lesser than 6 meters high. It composed of five different parts which are light source,light fixture,light pole, flange, basic foundation burying part.Yard lights bear a great variety and a characteristic of beautification and decoration, therefore it is also called landscape garden lights.

When yard lights moved into 1990s, it was used widely into urban slow traffic lane, narrow traffic way, residential district, tourist attractions, park, square, private gardens, courtyard  corridor.One side or both side of the road was equipped with yard lights to provide more affordable time for people’s outdoor activity and lift the safety level concerning people’s life and property. Whether to ameliorate people’s mood, better their emotion, change their perception and sense or to make a night mottled  with light and darkness, yard lights adorn the city in the day and provide necessary illumination and daily convenience in the night. People feel safe seeing the ambience of light boomed by the yard lights;city highlights was made salient,beautiful style was played, so as to be used until today matured into a full-developed industrial chain.

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