Friday, November 23, 2018

Three mistakes that most buyers commonly made while sourcing from China

1, Each order asking too many suppliers
Normally, the best suppliers are those you’re in touch with them in the initial process of purchasing. Some buyers often send their request to the 1st supplier asking for a price, then will still again send to three and more. The process is just like below picture:

However, this is making many suppliers working for you for only one order, they spend a lot of time making plan and calculate the cost, finally, you make the decision to buy from only one from them. They’re not machine, they’re human, good supplier number are in very limited quantity, on your first time purchasing, you wasted a huge quantity, finally, you’ll have no suppliers. 

2, Not bargain price
Mostly suppliers would give the rock-bottom price when a new customer asking for a quotation, they know the competition, if the price can do, great, let’s close the deal! However, sometimes, price could be on high level, that’s most buyers would directly stop to talk with the supplier any more. High price could be on a higher quality standard, as different company are targeting their product to different market. Why not ask and continue? Bargain a price you can accept, if you’re looking for other suppliers, you will spend more time.

3, Always find end producers
If business exist, then middleman exist; producers, traders, distributors are a whole unit. If all end buyers only buy from the end producers, then most of time you’re waiting, because they don’t have so many hands and time to manage all buyers. Traders are important role balancing the production between factories, between quality and prices, if you get prices from factories directly, normally will get very high or very low prices, but from a trader, it’s balanced, they’ll remove the high price and also will stop the lowest prices, its easy to think that the highest price you won’t accept and the lowest prices are bad in quality. They would send orders to those factories idle to facilitate earlier delivery so you can sell it in due time. If you’re waiting the busiest factory to make your goods, maybe to the next year, goods won’t be sent out.

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