Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to have LED lights installed in your bath room?

Have any kind lamps installed in your bath room should take safety problem into consideration first.Tradtional lamps are with input voltage DC 200-240V, there would be big potential danger if you lead this kind voltage directly into your bath room. However, LED lights with input voltage AC/DC 12V are mostly suitable for your bath room, even you touch the electricity directly, you will feel nothing shock.

5W cob led spotlights with lens is a perfect choice for your booth room, the lamps no need to be IP65 above, the lens itself can bear the hot water steam and protect the lamp from the water. While installing, you can put the whole lamp body inside the ceiling, only left the round lens side outside. Bathing under the light of LED lights, you’re carefree of the dangerous electricity shock, and enjoy your bathing happily. 

To change traditional DC 100-240V voltage into DC12V for feeding your LED lamps should take below issues into consideration.

1, Traditional old Iron core transformer is not suitable for changing the voltage, they’re putting out unstable electricity which will change with the outside electricity.i.e your country’s electricity. Iron core transformers are change the voltage based on a ratio, for example: iron core transformer marked with input voltage AC 240V, output AC 12V is based on a ratio 20:1, if the outside voltage changed to 260V, the actual output voltage of iron core transformer will be AC13V, for LED lamps, improve the input voltage will lead the actual power of the light greatly increase, therefore will lead more heat dissipation, and the LED lamps with a small heat dissipation part can’t bear, which will usually burn down after a few minutes, see below photo( A cob 5w led spotlight burning out after about twenty minutes of operation powered by old Irion core transformer.):

For LED lamps with MR 16 base, normally with input voltage DC12V, those low voltage lamps can’t be same with high voltage input lamp which can be powered by a voltage range: DC100-240V.Low voltage lamps are with its voltage fixed, they can light normally below the maximum voltage input, for example, LED lamp with input voltage AC/DC 12V can be fed with input voltage 12.6V are with its maximum voltage input AC/DC 12.6V, this can be normally achieved by modify the driver inside the lamp.

2, For LED Lamps marked can be powered by AC/DC voltage can’t be powered by electronic transformer for traditional halogen lamps. Those transformers are putting out high frequency voltage, some reach to thousands hertz, but LED lamps are with input voltage of 50/60HZ.Powred by this kind electronic transformer will greatly shorten the lifespan of LED and make the so called 500000Hours lifespan of LED meaningless.
3. Switching power supply can power the LED light DC12V dearly; those switching power supply are with different power but you can choose one power your lamps according your lamp power, for example, DC12V 5W, if feeding two lamps, the minimum power of the switching power supply should be 10W, always remember: the power of switching power supply should be bigger than all the lamp’s power plused together. While installing, always remember do not lead the high voltage electricity into your bath room, so it’s a wise idea to put the switching power supply in the adjacent room of the bath room, only lead the electric cord with DC12V into your bath room,you can refer the draft below:
After all have been arranged perfectly, and the wire aligned righttuly, you will see your bath room a nice, cute, wonderfully illuminated bath room, see below.

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