Friday, June 28, 2019

China’s leading solar energy company leeka corp. Is beginning it’s 3rd annual research about solar energy application in lighting field

Chinas leading solar energy company leeka corp. is beginning its 3rd annual research about solar energy application in the lighting field, the company is a solar-oriented enterprise combine LED in the outdoor lighting field.

To make a product more efficient, more durable and more esthetic are the current researching topic, the chief engineer Adam zhou also collected the opinions from the sales department, and target product more technically better in quality but also should lower in cost to meet end-users' budget.

Local market manager, Miss Zhou announced that market situation in inland sales showing a positive uptrend, while the overseas market showing more demand on the product customized according to specialized request, inland market demands product in no difference. She said, since last year, we had 200 projects customized according to customers request, many customers sent a photo, the product on it we had never seen before, but finally, we designed and output the right products that customers showing high appraisal that in a further way proves our technical strength in production and researching.
Management and sales also analyzed that even though the market copycats are selling a lower price, but their product normally fails within a few months. Jack Lee said even though they sell faster and more in the short term, but more of them go bankrupt and clients lost their business. He said, the end users buy the product taking advantage of the low price, but later, they find their products in a short term turns into rubbish. So theyre unwilling to buy more.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Three reasons why Jack don’t send samples to those only buy samples?

1, They waste you a lot of time. Everyone knows how time valuable in business especially between company and company. You spend 1 hour to talk with the man only buy 100usd and the man who will give you 200 thousand USD order is the same thing. If the man you talked only buy 100usd samples, it means you have lost 200 thousand USD orders, which may be from someone else that need your time to talk with.
2, They waste you a lot of money. Especially when companies give the man the sample price same as big order price. When actually the company receives the man’s sample payment, it's almost a small percentage in relates to the whole cost the company had spent during the samples manufacturing process to the end delivery. Companies are losing money when receiving sample orders, if the man only orders samples without repeating orders, the companies are losing money.

3, They damage your business relations with your suppliers. When there is a sample order, especially a specialized product, a company need to order components from their suppliers which normally takes a commitment for future considerable quantity orders to make components to be delivered fast. However, when the guy only orders the samples without repeating order, it will fundamentally cause the company losing his credit to their suppliers. In this way, when there is a future need of components even a sample order following big quantity orders, suppliers won’t do components positively as before because they had been cheated in one time.

What should buyers do if suppliers won’t send samples based on uncertainty orders? First, treat your suppliers like a man, not a machine, on too many occasions we see clients and suppliers sit together talked on business so nice when they actually meet, however, when they actually departed to each country, all seems a complete change. Second, be a real buyer, not a reseller, on too many occasions, the buyers are searching someone else to buy, it becomes an influence, that more and more buyers are searching someone else to buy. How can you be a company when you trying to soliciting big stores or customers to buy on few pieces samples that you sourced from China in less than 500 us dollars that your supplier paid a big part on it? The success of the big business is based on that they’re willing to take the risk, they make big orders to gain more advantages on prices. How can you compete with them based on your few pieces order that cost high on manufacturing and shipping cost? Third, lowering your sourcing cost is never an endless attempt to achieve a maximum profit on your side, a better price to your supplier means a stimulation to make better goods in the shortest period.

Leeka Corp.: Three Positive Phenomenons That Customers are Buying More

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Will you take my car to the town?

A taxi driver was asking a guy: sir, will you take my car to the town? The guy answered: Dear, I have my own car, I can drive anywhere if I want. After the guy entered a supermarket and buying some goods, the taxi driver used a knife punched two holes in the guy's car tires, after the guy came out, the taxi driver answered: Sir, will you take my car? The guy checked his flatted tires and smiled: Sir, I won't take any taxi, I have my two legs, I can walk there even now I need to go there urgently.

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send...