Saturday, March 30, 2019

Building your social image to get more business

Why is a social image so important when it related to business? Because your customers like to purchase from a reliable, trustable and honest person. No matter you're the original manufacturer, a reseller, an importer or an end-buyer, all in all, you're the middleman, you have your own customers and suppliers. When you’re the streetlight installer in a city, your supplier may be a city lighting store, but your customers are the people who use the light. When you're the importers in a country, your customers are the wholesalers locally and your suppliers are exporters in other countries. When you’re the original manufacturers, your customers are the buyers of your product and your suppliers are the component and raw material producer. No one can do everything; you're in the double role of a buyer and a seller.

The market is everywhere; either you're a teacher or a farmer. When you're the teacher, products are the stuff you teaching to your students, and your customers are your students. How popularly your products sell depends on the stuff you taught are knowledgeable, interesting or jejune. If your teaching stuff is really interesting and knowledgeable, more people will enroll in your class, you will become famous and earn more money. Everyone knows the farmer is growing food in the land, who is their supplier and customers? I would say land and weather conditions are their supplier and their customers are those people buying their foods or themselves.

The general trading in business is concerned with buying and selling of products, in current sociality without buying and selling, we almost couldn't live. We buy products every day, either in eating, transportation or enjoyment. But where the products come? It definitely needs somebody selling it so we can have something to buy. Buying and selling are so cohesively related, we can't separate them, otherwise, our living chain will break.

When it comes to selling, not every seller is an advertisement. Some people are afraid of advertising because they don’t have the need. A gentleman seller won't push you much if the product you really don’t have the need. An air conditioner wholesaler won't promote his product to a teacher, because the teacher's job is teaching the students, he may buy one air conditioner from the air conditioner store but won't get from the air conditioner wholesaler. One is selling in bulk and one is buying in a few pieces.

Some good quality clients are showing the quality that they don't compare price too much, they're responsive, friendly and always keep their promise. In such cases, we know these clients themselves are doing selling business too, conversely, if they're bargaining price to make you have no profit, rude and always break their promise, what if their clients do same to them? Fruit of good business is brewing from the beginning on you get your products. Your responsive, friendly, and keeping your promise social image will show your supplier a good client and your client a good person to trust and doing long term business in the future.

There is no shame or necessary to hide when you lost the business and giving no feedback to your supplier's message or call. Are you doing business in one time? That means you buy one time and won't buy products anymore. Try to give responsive feedback not only telling everyone you're a good business, a responsible person but also you will have more business. There is no road so flat without a pit; a small setback is just a leap before success. Not only you, your supplier and your customers can meet the same occurrence. Being responsive is the first step to build your social image, it tells people your business is running well not going bankrupt, you're a real and serious business not a cheater, on either case, you don't expect an answer from a bankrupted business or from a cheater. Everybody wants good virtue in the business spread like flowers, so why learn from somebody who has a bad character? Anyway, do those people have bad characters in business are doing a great business? The winner, in the end, is those always keep their good business characters, they won’t learn from someone even one of their client's. When you send a message to someone you know on Wechat, WhatsApp or Skype if they give you no response it same as you say a “hi” to somebody in your side they completely ignored even without turning their face to you.

A second step in building a good social image is always being an honest person. Telling the truth, everybody like the truth, right? If you think something you’re deeply concerned and think it’s not right to make that decision, why not tell it? Everything can be solved, did hiding the truth and prevaricate with excuses can bring you more benefit, positive not. For example, if you’re in a supermarket, and seeing the almost same shoes selling at different prices? Will you choose the lowest price? You may get a different answer if you try different prices, one is from real animal skin, one is from artificial skin and one is from nylon and cloth in imitated animal skin texture. The quality of a salesperson is never tired to answer client's questions, if you're a wholesaler, treat your supplier as your client treats you.

Reliability is very important, with good characteristics of responsiveness and honest can make you a very reliable person. When it comes to international business, it turns to younger in average age on selling and buying group due to their well-learned 2nd language, almost, you can say communication is the king. The younger person represents the best social image of a company while the older person is in behind supporting all the requirements. Never lower your social image in front of the younger group, they represent their company, and have a bunch of people behind them, if you don't respect them, it is same you don't respect all the people behind them.

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send...