Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy Chinese New year,Chinese Culture are now spread all over the world.

China are now changed,ancient china have long time ago been covered with mysterious color due to its colorful traditions,Xian Terra Cotta Warriors,shadowboxing and Kung Fu have been admired and worshipped by many foreign friends. Chinese 2017 spring festival have been celebrated yesterday accompanied with abundant eating and colorful firework celebration.

Spring Festival Gala is a great celebration hosted by center china television Chanel 1,now you can review the whole event by below link:
Please note,is all in Chinese,but i hope you could enjoy and maybe learn some Chinese.

Why so many people love Chinese culture? Because china have an extremely long history,Chinese people are industrious, honest and especially hospitable,many foreign friends in China are extremely treated well and respected highly no matter their country economy is big or small.

People all over the world love China produced goods. Firstly,China produced goods have a very profitable price,it makes a lots of imports get rich and big.This low costed goods make a lot of families afford to buy,it actually saved a really large amount of cost which they can use it for other using. Secondly,if you say China produced goods have bad quality,it may be suitable a years ago,now,everything improved.China is the largest manufacturer in the world,no other country in the world have a mature and experienced manufacturing history than China,based on the same price you cant buy a better quality goods from other country. When you say you have bought good quality goods from Germany or Japan, you have spent triple or more price and you never know based on the half price you can buy better quality goods from China.

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send...