Monday, November 26, 2018

Super lightweight LED bulbs

Why use super lightweight led bulbs? You’re facing so many led bulbs in the market, some of them are heavy with a long aluminum part, and some are with thick glass. Super lightweight led bulbs are easier to use in general home lighting, especially those living in farmhouses, industrial area and earthquake frequent regions.

1, Super lightweight led bulbs to cause the minimum damage to other objects and human body when there is a drop down. The weight of super lightweight led bulb is generally 1/3 of traditional led bulb, you can slightly hear any noise when it touches on the ground.
2, Causes minimum damage to itself when there is a fall. The advantage of super lightweight causes the bulb to have minimum damages to others and also to itself. The material of the bulb is thermoplastic, I will rebound while it touches on the ground, the bulb body is just like a buffer, it will reduce the impact forces greatly to its internal components, prevent the damage to its internal circuit board, wiring and leds. 

3, Higher safety level. The thermoplastic body is nonconductor, when there is any water vapor or water drop on the surface of the bulb, it couldn’t cause electric conduction like those bulbs with aluminum, and burst like glass bulbs.

4, Protect your hands. After hours of working, the bulbs of aluminum and glass surface would be as hot as iron, if you want to unscrew it down, it would scald your hands. However, the super lightweight led bulbs wouldn’t happen like that.

5, Lower cost. Thermoplastic material is cheaper than aluminum and lower damage rate than glass bulbs. The smaller weight costs the lowest shipping charges, and labor costs and increases the work efficiently. The selling cost of super lightweight bulbs is lower than traditional led bulbs.

6, Longer using life and all recyclable material. Using high-quality components, branded led chips, and skilled workmanship, outputting higher lumen and more efficient on electricity light conversion, smallest heat generation. 

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  1. i think leeka's led bulbs are the best quality in market, they're well know brand. i had 3 containers from them in the 1st quarter of 2017,now 5 containers still on the way.


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