Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Latest COVID-19 trends, why is still increasing?

All we know China had already won with COVID-19 in 2020 so far, people there have been to normal life for the past few months, but see other countries, is still increasing daily and the number is daunting. Too many people died, their lives just like us, but they died so worthless because of the government and people there less the willpower to completely control it.

As Biden said in his first presidential speech a simple and effective way to control covid-19 is described as “ just wear masks ”, he is right and masks are so simple and so cheap way to control the transmission of the disease but many countries and people there have failed to do that. They even ignore the importance of individual people's lives, maybe the president there is still alive and not get infected, because the government authority was not put their full effort to combat a COVID-19 war, instead they put troops on the border to provoke a war with other countries. The fund spends on the troops could buy billions of masks for their people, people could get better protected, the covid-19 would be erased in their country so far, the economy would have been boosted, and people would have been living a better life. At least, the president and the government authority were not realized that the money they spend was actually the flesh and blood of their people, is a pity that they have not elected the right person on behalf of the benefit of the majority.

It's a good thing that many businesses turned to source and supply PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) for the people in their countries, this phenomenon is described as nature in business, not as the” act of greedy“ of minority people prejudiced. As more and more businesses participate in the PPE business, it could bring more benefits to the people. First, they could get the same product at a lower price, second, they could get more diversified products of better quality. To clear some people’s ambiguity, a greedy business is those who selling on high profit without considering the benefit of the buyer, it generally composed of unreliable people and the people repeatedly break their promise. 

To source reliable PPE, you need to find a reliable supplier with years of experience that could effectively lower your trouble and reduce your cost. Get the lowest price from a start-up company within 3 years old could end your business completely at risk even though the supplier is a 100% product manufacturer because you don't know when the company will go bankrupt, if like that, your advance payment will never end up with a satisfactory delivery. What you need to find is a 100% genuine and reliable manufacturer, supplier with above 10 years old company for example Leeka corp. to have your goods well guaranteed with on-time delivery.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Is it still a wise choice to purchase from China starting in 2020 and the future?

Some of my clients doubt it is still a wise choice to purchase from China starting in 2020 and the future due to increased cost. Put me in their shoes, I couldn't find an alternative that could serve me both on profit and benefit for a wholesaler's business future.

Firstly, I could consider to source from India, also a large country with cheaper labor costs, but China has the advantage of its native product materials and technically better products, which could save me a lot of trouble. Comparing with cost and product performance, China would be a winner.

Secondly, the biggest advantage to source from China is that you can't find any monopoly of products. Thus, you could find many producers produce the same products, once the product goes wrong, is easy to get it fixed with components with very little cost. Different from the products from the US, Japan, and Germany, if their products go wrong, you can only find the components from the original manufacturer, which is a high cost, and also very inconvenient. The closer to life example is that many companies may have used HP DESKJET 2132 and Canon printer, once the ink goes out, you can only buy a new ink cartridge which is almost the same price to buy a new printer, but the ink cartridge produced in China can still add ink to use, which is a very small cost compares to buy a new ink cartridge.

Thirdly, China is a very friendly country, historically not showing hostility to other countries and people are well cultivated to treat others with politeness and justice. Is very easy to make friends with Chinese, they don’t have a bias like American white treating the black, and they’re modest and do not show deference to people of rich and poor. Chinese people are very hardworking and they’re rigorous on the work, thus you can trust the product produced by the workers. The most prominent example is the iPhone that most people love it across the globe, which was assembled in China.

Fourthly, China is a law enforced country. Companies are regulated by law, thus is very safe to trade with many Chinese companies. Many China companies are willing to keep low profit to themselves, thus is very easy to get profit if you import products from China.

Finally, China's mainland political circumstance is very stable, thus businesses are very rare to be interfered with by political factors, which provides many global businesses with a safety belt to do business with Chinese companies.

Friday, October 16, 2020

October, the harvest month

October, the harvest month
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COVID-19, No fear, you will be pretty safe if you keep doing below

 1, Always wear a face mask when you're not home

One time disposable face masks could effective filter many kinds virus. People around you may potentially get infected with the virus, they may look like normal, but the virus on them is infective. Thus keep a distance with them, and a face mask can keep you well protected. Besides, a face mask can also help you breathe with clean and fresh air, thus smogs and dust won't come into your lung.

2, Stay at home

They are a few safe places you can go such as people well protected supermarket, bank, public administrative office and your working place. These places have a routine epidemic prevention inspection registration, disinfection, and people there are generally knowing each other. Thus, they generally have a understanding of other people is safe or not.

3, Vaccine is still unbelievable

Many people are expecting vaccines to keep them safe. Let alone the expensive price of the vaccines, to get people inoculated one by one to the whole number of entire country still need a long period of time. We can’t expect vaccines within the year of 2020, and some vaccines are still under testing stage, may have a lot of side effects which are still unknowing to scientist and experts.

If you need medical products for covid-19, you can check the link below:

Friday, October 9, 2020

Rooftop solar panel

When you're considering installing a rooftop solar power plant either privately or for public utilities, is always the cost, reliability, and performance. Going to solar is to save money and another way to get profit from the cost you invested to buy the basic equipment such as solar panels, mounting brackets, controllers, etc. 

A rooftop is a quite available place that you can find many buildings that have it unoccupied, that part of the area could be used, and installing solar panels over it could be the best choice. On one hand, it provides extra revenue to the people to build the solar power plant, on another hand, it provides extra protection to the rooftop which could be damaged by broiling sunshine or by heaved raindrops.

Selling electricity is a very profitable business, either you sell it to others or you sell it for your own use. By selling it to others, you get paid, by selling it to yourself, you saved the money that you’re going to pay others. And, a solar power plant is a perfect solution that could produce electricity to you in the long term and low maintenance cost. Also, a solar power plant is currently the only available solution for any private person to generate a large amount of electricity for sale. You can’t build your own hydropower station, thermal power station, and nuclear power station in the long run, they’re extremely expensive and have unimaginable cost for maintenance and you would have many people to take care of it. But for the solar power plant, you can build it on any size to generate any power you required, either for your own home or for public or other commercial usages. The solar power plant is safe, is clean, and won't influence the ecosystem, but for other power plants, for example, a hydropower station, it does influence the environment, because the water is cut. 

Solar panels are the most important part that you’re going to build the solar power plant, for a considerable size, you could get the solar panels from a solar panel manufacturer, and you could get many tutorials from websites that teach you how to install it. If you’re not a Billionaire or not requested by the government or the project owner, non-brand solar panels are always the best choice. For most brand solar panels, they're lavishly praised by media and advertisement, manufacturers and distributors are getting high profit to get the money returned. For the general public, you’re buying the product, not paying the advertisement. For those only choose brand, solar panels are just like those only buy BMW and Benz, they're bleeding but they're happy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Beware of fake buyers

Fake buyers are one of the major harm to current business society, they take advantage of innocent ones just like we and you. They cause the instability of real and true business, cause distrust between real sellers and buyers. Some guys told business is hard to do, is mainly because the fake ones disturb the real business world.

Fake buyers are ethically defective, they don't know how important that real business influence their life. Without real business, they would have nothing to eat and wear. Is because of the real business bring those daily materials to feed their life and family.

We don’t know why the fake buyers want to cheat others' money? Maybe they think others’ money is brought by the wind, maybe they think others’ body is not made of flesh and blood. They’re morally wrong and they’re so selfish that they care about only themselves. Yes, they may cheat any innocent ones from small private businesses to huge 500 fortune, you can’t imagine why they’re so bold, and for the money, they could pretend themselves to be any person or business maybe you and us. 

Firstly, they would take a huge amount of your precious working time. Yes, they don't buy, they just ask. Because they think other’s time is not paid, or they think their time is given free by God. It is because is a freebie given by sellers, that they take it as nature even without appreciation. Just think how much time your life has, they take your time is another way to slaughter your life.

Secondly, they would financially make you a loss. If you spend one cent on those fake ones, you could spend lesser on those real ones. Even it is a small amount, but it does cause an influence on your business, your teams’ morale. Influence your attitude toward those buyers, maybe completely get rid of them.

A general characteristic of those fake buyers is that they generally don’t have a clear description of their demand, they send using their private emails, don’t have a website, or using other’s website in their email but using an email not related to the website, they pretend to be large buyers thus they could enjoy an upper hand to take advantage of free samples and lead on the discussion, thus you could follow their route. Different from real buyers who pay even a small amount for samples, fake buyers want you to pay all for them. 

How to know if a buyer is a scammer or not?

1, he does not have any clear requirements regarding product quantity or specification. For example, he only asks price or wants you to send...