Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Beware of fake buyers

Fake buyers are one of the major harm to current business society, they take advantage of innocent ones just like we and you. They cause the instability of real and true business, cause distrust between real sellers and buyers. Some guys told business is hard to do, is mainly because the fake ones disturb the real business world.

Fake buyers are ethically defective, they don't know how important that real business influence their life. Without real business, they would have nothing to eat and wear. Is because of the real business bring those daily materials to feed their life and family.

We don’t know why the fake buyers want to cheat others' money? Maybe they think others’ money is brought by the wind, maybe they think others’ body is not made of flesh and blood. They’re morally wrong and they’re so selfish that they care about only themselves. Yes, they may cheat any innocent ones from small private businesses to huge 500 fortune, you can’t imagine why they’re so bold, and for the money, they could pretend themselves to be any person or business maybe you and us. 

Firstly, they would take a huge amount of your precious working time. Yes, they don't buy, they just ask. Because they think other’s time is not paid, or they think their time is given free by God. It is because is a freebie given by sellers, that they take it as nature even without appreciation. Just think how much time your life has, they take your time is another way to slaughter your life.

Secondly, they would financially make you a loss. If you spend one cent on those fake ones, you could spend lesser on those real ones. Even it is a small amount, but it does cause an influence on your business, your teams’ morale. Influence your attitude toward those buyers, maybe completely get rid of them.

A general characteristic of those fake buyers is that they generally don’t have a clear description of their demand, they send using their private emails, don’t have a website, or using other’s website in their email but using an email not related to the website, they pretend to be large buyers thus they could enjoy an upper hand to take advantage of free samples and lead on the discussion, thus you could follow their route. Different from real buyers who pay even a small amount for samples, fake buyers want you to pay all for them. 

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