Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Don’t wait after Christmas, you have two more things to do before 2020!

Catch in front of others, that's always the golden rule for the market. Before 2020, you have two more things to do to help you hit a winning market in the new year.

1, Prepare your stock that customers can always have the buy
No stock is currently being the headache of many customers, when asking the plan of a startup business owner, he said: “I need to get stocks first before I sell, how can it to be a business if I only get stocks when I have customers to buy? If like that, everyone can do business, the truth is currently is impossible to do that business. “ Stocks helps the vendors to establish trust between their customers, would your customers believe it when you’re trying to sell them something but actually they don’t see anything in your shop? Keep a regular stock is crucial to a distributor, you're not the end manufacturer, so you cannot afford selling without a stock. End manufacturers keep a stock of materials, so when there is a need for manufacturing, they get goods from stock without waiting too much time to get the materials produced by their supplier.

2, Preparing a feasible business plan without engaging in a price war
If you want to success, you need to have your own target and your own business purpose to run. Following others is always the road to fail. Stupid buyers always comparing price between different manufacturers, is it comparable when they're of the different business brand? If you’re happy that you finally get a lower price by 3 or 4 times comparison, almost the next time you’ll find you’re crying for losing twice the amount of the money than you had saved. 

The important thing is that end users are not always choosing the cheapest when they see the selling in the supermarket, just like most people would like to offer a higher price to buy a Benz rather than a ford.

3, Buy bulk, don’t buy small
What is the minimum quantity to see the quality? 1000pcs or 2000pcs on led bulbs generally, with that quantity, you can have your own packing rather selling in manufacturer’s brand. Packed in cartons and a more standard gift box, the 1st order you made can earn your money. That quantity you can actually selling to end-user by making a profit.

What about a small number of 50pcs or 100pcs? First, the question to yourself, will you buy from a seller if they only have 100pcs in stock especially for small products like led bulbs? Of-cause you won’t if you a re-distributor. You would like to buy a more standardized product in bulk quality, that will look more professional to your customers. 

The advantage of mass quantity can lower down product costs, and also increase product quality.
The general output of the factory is 1000pcs or 2000pcs and above in a standard and series way, so its hard to manage small quantity goods.

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