Friday, October 16, 2020

COVID-19, No fear, you will be pretty safe if you keep doing below

 1, Always wear a face mask when you're not home

One time disposable face masks could effective filter many kinds virus. People around you may potentially get infected with the virus, they may look like normal, but the virus on them is infective. Thus keep a distance with them, and a face mask can keep you well protected. Besides, a face mask can also help you breathe with clean and fresh air, thus smogs and dust won't come into your lung.

2, Stay at home

They are a few safe places you can go such as people well protected supermarket, bank, public administrative office and your working place. These places have a routine epidemic prevention inspection registration, disinfection, and people there are generally knowing each other. Thus, they generally have a understanding of other people is safe or not.

3, Vaccine is still unbelievable

Many people are expecting vaccines to keep them safe. Let alone the expensive price of the vaccines, to get people inoculated one by one to the whole number of entire country still need a long period of time. We can’t expect vaccines within the year of 2020, and some vaccines are still under testing stage, may have a lot of side effects which are still unknowing to scientist and experts.

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