Friday, June 28, 2019

China’s leading solar energy company leeka corp. Is beginning it’s 3rd annual research about solar energy application in lighting field

Chinas leading solar energy company leeka corp. is beginning its 3rd annual research about solar energy application in the lighting field, the company is a solar-oriented enterprise combine LED in the outdoor lighting field.

To make a product more efficient, more durable and more esthetic are the current researching topic, the chief engineer Adam zhou also collected the opinions from the sales department, and target product more technically better in quality but also should lower in cost to meet end-users' budget.

Local market manager, Miss Zhou announced that market situation in inland sales showing a positive uptrend, while the overseas market showing more demand on the product customized according to specialized request, inland market demands product in no difference. She said, since last year, we had 200 projects customized according to customers request, many customers sent a photo, the product on it we had never seen before, but finally, we designed and output the right products that customers showing high appraisal that in a further way proves our technical strength in production and researching.
Management and sales also analyzed that even though the market copycats are selling a lower price, but their product normally fails within a few months. Jack Lee said even though they sell faster and more in the short term, but more of them go bankrupt and clients lost their business. He said, the end users buy the product taking advantage of the low price, but later, they find their products in a short term turns into rubbish. So theyre unwilling to buy more.

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