Monday, December 10, 2018

5 common excuses that your clients are rejecting you

1, extremely low prices. This is not just ordinary prices, but prices much lower than market level and lower than the product material cost itself. They understand that this price you won’t do, and if you do you will lose a lot of money.

2, Need more time. Time is a good thing that makes people gradually forget something, and degrade the before important promise. In psychological opinion, time is also a good medicine to soothe unpleasant things away in people’s mind. Time is also being used well in business world; it’s a great finesse to evade responsibility, cancel before agreed contract.

3, nit-picking on the product itself. When you want to find something for excuse, you can easily get it everywhere. Even the products were quite well manufactured, more worthy than the cost.

4, Stop reply, that’s why most of your email like stones falling into sea, and messages on WhatsApp were read with double tick or completely ignored without read.

5, Reluctant on payment. Bargain on payment policy or open account, when it’s actually not possible on keen competition business world. 

Actually those client keep business running and growing are those clients make decision fast, swift on payment, responsive and give orders in straightforwardness and mutual beneficial prices. The later ones cost higher on most suppliers and traders, and key factors turn business into deficit and money invested into vain.

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