Friday, May 24, 2019

The comparison between LED tube, fluorescent tube and tri-phosphor tube

The comparison between LED tube, fluorescent tube, and tri-phosphor tube:

1, Wide range input voltage range, adaptable for all countries in the world.

2, SSL (solid state light), safer, cleaner, and resilient to damage.

3, Longer using life, price is relatively more favorable than Triphosphor tubes.

4, Dimensions can be made exactly the same with traditional fluorescent tubes and can replace them directly except to take off the starter and ballast on the lighting fixture (tube bed).

5, No light pollution, no ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays, wasted tubes contain no mercury; it’s exactly the green light products.

6, High lumen flux means more light than traditional tubes and Triphosphor tubes, small watt can replace large watt of the other two, as well as more energy saving.

7, the lamp is powered by direct current, the function of an imbedded transformer is transforming the alternating current to direct current.

8, Quick startup, no strobe-flash, better visual effects, healthy lighting.

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