Saturday, April 9, 2022

What can you get at a cheap price?

It's a nightmare, it's horrible. Every time you use it, it has a problem. The product does not function normally, and can’t produce the expected results as you had expected during purchasing.

Every day you stick in an embarrassing situation where you have to fix the product you had purchased before you can actually use it, even though your time is crucially and important, even though your mind and body are tired, even though you have lots of more important thing to do. Now, you completely understand that cheap price is not helping you save, it produced countless problems in your life, you need to fix each problem one by one, and each one is an expensive expenditure; finally, you take out a calculator, a pen and a piece of paper, you carefully write down all the cost you had to spend each time you repair the product, and the cost you paid to purchase the product, then comes out the sum. My gosh! They're almost a thousand times more expensive than you purchase a brand new top-quality market brand.

Why am I so greedy! If I obey my words and were honest to buy good quality products in the beginning, it wouldn't happen like today. It's absolutely true cheap prices have no good product, a good product is not cheap. Then, finally, you begin to find out the truth, you find the people who sell good quality products are honest people, and people who sell at cheap prices are not honest. Because you want cheap, thus you have bought your products from dishonest people because they're dishonest, thus all they said well are actually cheating. Buy good quality products is not meant to buy market number 1, it means to buy products like buy shoes to fit your feet, for example, if you want products to be used for 10 years, then a product has 20 years of life is a waste because after 10 years you won't want the product, and you're not going to sell the product as 2nd hand, because there is no market.

Cheap price is like opium, have a strong allure that people can hardly resist, that’s why a successful businessman must have very strong self-discipline, cultivate good characteristics, be honest and trustworthy, become an angel of himself thus can defeat the cheap price demon. To a businessman, having a demon in their heart is like the bottomless of hell, and he is destined to have a transaction with another demon, which will destroy his business. However, if he wants the success and future of his business, then he must have a transaction with an angel, which needs him to be an angel first.

The characteristics of a demon are that he will never be satisfied, for example, want price lower and lower endless, delays business endless, want more and more endless. If this had happened to you, you need to drive the demon away from your mind. Starting to purge your mind with goodness, when you become an angel, all demons will get away from your way, all you meet will be angels.

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