Friday, August 13, 2021

Three big obstacles for your business to grow in 2021 and future

My friend Bob told me, one of his biggest regrets is the objection to business opportunities. He is currently the big boss of three successful factories. He told me his business could be bigger and he could retire earlier if he has the certain characteristics discussed below, here I call three big obstacles of business:

1) Unwilling to take risks. Everybody knows “without risk, without gain”, all companies existed because they're taken the risk. Actually, everything has a risk, including the food you take every day. But you need to live, right? People can take the risk, so they become the boss, people can’t take the risk so they become the employee thus every risk the boss will take it. Some people have found the poorest people are the ones most unwilling to take risks, they're afraid of change, unwilling to take the new, so they keep in one place doing the same thing all their life. How do you see the meaningness of their life? When people start to take risks, they accept the change, take the new things, which fundamentally changed their life. They become rich and successful.

2) Don’t trust people. How can others trust you if you don’t trust them? Your employees will leave you if you don’t trust them, your business partners will let you go if you don’t trust them. The worst thing is if you don’t trust, you will not take action. These psychological effects have made many people lost the chance to change their life. It’s not about how much it will impact others if you don't trust others, it's about how much it will impact yourself if you don't trust others. People's life takes change only when they have the work with others, it’s about things others will bring to you, not how much you will bring to others.

3) Unable to make your own decision. There are too many historical testimonies the generals failed the war because they're unable to make their own decision. Firstly, the thing is yours and the business is yours, if you can't make your own decision you’ll become the puppet of other people's opinion. As bystanders, other people will not responsible for your failure if you take their opinion, they'll feel good if you take their opinion which is their view of your situation without the guarantee to lead you to the right or wrong. When you're in your own situation, you always know better than others, that's why you should always make your own opinion.

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