Monday, August 23, 2021

Starting a large solar plant? What you need to know

Have you met some cases when you start to make a project that many local companies start to compete with you some are even your suppliers who go directly to the project? In such cases, why need you? You're the resellers, if they go directly into the project, it means they turn directly into your competitors instead of your suppliers.

Don’t ask local companies even some of them are foreign company branches. The fewer people know the project, the less competition you will have, and finally, the bigger opportunities for you to win. The cases are if you asking from local companies or foreign company branches there, you’re providing them the business opportunities, with little research and investigation they will know where you want to sell the products, finally, you will be kicked out of the game.

Under such conditions, if you're sourcing from overseas, you will not only get better quality products but also be guaranteed project privacy as you’re the resellers. Purchasing solar panels from leeka corp can help you save not only the cost of the product but also many unforeseen problems, Firstly, they don’t set any foreign branches which guarantees 100% safety that you own the project on your own (vs some other companies that they set branches in your country to encroach your market). Secondly, they’re very considerate can give you the cost of products and shipment costs to your country to help you calculate the cost of importation. Thirdly, they have advanced production lines to output the best quality solar panels for big brands, you even can have solar panels on your own brands too. 

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