Friday, August 16, 2019

Three reasons why you should stop to meet those only want to meet without a real business intention

Too many times you’re asked to visit when there are foreigners come to your country. Sometimes you’re confused why they want to visit without an explicit explanation. First, they didn’t tell you why, second, they said they just want to visit. Is that for personal or for business, you’re not sure.

First, if those guys have a real business intention they should have already told you before their visit. You must negotiate together more than twice the time on price and talked even longer time on the product itself. They should also tell you their business schedule rather than suddenly give you a surprise tell you that they want to meet you when you’re busy on important things and run a busy business schedule. If their visiting is for personal, you should ask for a leave. However, if those guys just want to visit your company for personal things, then give you some fabricated lies that they’re interested in your product, and you should consider that if your company could accept or not.
Second, how could a real client visit your company without knowing what they want to buy? Or even do not have any mention on price. After their visit, you could find all kinds of fabricated lies that your price is high or they have not confirmed the order with their client yet.

Third, are those guys respecting you? Are they serious about business? You won’t image that you had spent all day with them and finally couldn’t close any business, you should aware that you’re spending your working time and not on holiday. Are those guys respecting your time? or you're to be utilized to pay their bills and act as their free local guide?

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