Monday, August 20, 2018

The importance of reliability

Reliability is some person dependable, trustable, responsible and also responsive. Why it matters so much in international business?

1, Reliability makes you feel safe. For example, if you give some money to some body you can very sure you will get rewarded.
2, Reliability makes you feel comfortable. Comparing with anxious that you won’t get feedback from your contact, plus all things failed to appear in expected time. A person of reliability always follows what he says. For example, if he said do sometime in a given time, sure he will do it in that time even he has more important things to deal with in that time.
3, Reliability is a definite implementation of commitment. Without to obey his words, a person is slippery, and won’t be trusted. When we say we’re cheated because the person we deal with failed on implementation.
4, Reliability is the key characteristics makes most people in success. When those people are cheating, all they get is small gain. People cheated won’t contact them anymore. Only those with high reliability are always win big clients, and people are willing to pay them a bit more.

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