Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Three aspects why most importers don't want their supplier mention their name to their other customers?

It is always a taboo that if you're asking a supplier which their clients are especially in wholesaling related business, of cause suppliers do want telling their clients to their other clients, so they could have a good reputation and credibility.

One client directly cut off the relationship with their supplier, because the supplier were telling them to their other clients that they’re buying from them, however, it is normal if you’re telling your clients especially famous brands to other clients if your business is reselling. But in wholesaling,  most buyers are not the end-buyers; they’re the middle-man and their clients may also buy from the same supplier. So, if you're telling your clients to your other clients, you’re actually damage the business of some clients partially. This is one aspect that most end suppliers should pay attention to.

Supplier is sometimes as valuable as good client. Supplier helps your business due to their favorable price making you benefit and their considerable quality helps your market grow. Most buyers’ business sucked due to a bad supplier, selling in extremely low price but in terribly bad quality, the next year your business could not run due to besieged complains. There are many suppliers but find the good one is hard. Especially in a keen competition global environment, wise buyers are searching for unknown supplier done their product uniquely keeping their competition and niche market. If there are second or more buyers in their same market sharing the same supplier that means they’re facing a fierce competition not to mention market niche anymore. This is the second aspect that most buyers don’t want their suppliers known to the other people in their market.

When suppliers could tell their clients to their other clients that means they can also tell how much the price they’re offering to the clients. To most importers, their original sourcing price is their lifeline to keep them live, and the foundation to keep them benefit, so they’re fundamentally don’t want it revealed, especially to the second man in their region, this man could be his client also. Products especially high-tech related, concerned intellectual property right on top business secret, leakage on it could cause a huge loss in buyer’s business, that’s why most buyers want their supplier’s mouth tight.

Searching reference on the buyers from the same seller could provide a guideline on your purchasing, but normally related lot on retailing. All resellers want their clients know to their other clients, especially new clients, because they know the word of mouth effect great than TV advertising. However, on wholesaling, suppliers do follow the business principle; weigh up before you think you could do the same.

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