Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Three ways to lower the manufacturing cost down

1, Increase the quantity on the same item same model, the repeated manufacturing on the same product would increase the work efficiency as well as labor proficiency. This could do a great deal to reduce the rate of rejects and improve the quality of general product standard.

2, The new designed products generally cost more money, there is no comparing with the product always done thousands of times. By doing a new product, you need to consider the R&D cost, new modeling, new material sourcing and combination. Especially those products need to make a mold, the mold could cost twice or more than the product costs. So, buy the old products are the best choice to save money.

3, A retrofit product is based on the already made products. This could save you a lot of money if you want something new. By changing a little based on the old products, not completely change all based on new design, this could save you a huge cost. A retrofit product could not only increase market competition but also a favorable price.

By designing a new product, very few company in china could offer this prototype to global buyers, some companies had done but products poorly shaped and quality hardly guaranteed.
In the past exportation, we could find many nicely crafted products prototyped by Leeka still enjoying a high influence even in current days. Leeka have a mature product line in LED indoor series by initially creating a high PF, high lumen output bulbs and super-cooling surface concerning heat dissipation on aluminum housing application. Nicely designed products exported to EU market and supplying the need of local government projects. End-users concerning how many years the products could be used, not how cheap the products are but actually turning into rubbish soon by high rate operation failure and risks causing injury to human body and live being safety.

Single products are hardly meet the needs of global requests, projects more diversified and integrated with two industries or more. For example,3 years ago, LED products are mainly targeted in traditional indoor and outdoor lighting upgrading and replacement, of cause a smart solution on saving money, reduce maintenance cost and increase lighting efficiency. But now, as the increasing influence of solar power revolution and deteriorating earth environmental conditions, combining solar and lighting is an urgent need to reduce global carbon emission and change the general living circumstance of all human being. Solar light is a must and will be a trend, also the technology is already capable enough to create products in solar lighting same as traditional electricity powered lighting effort not only in enduring capability but also more flexible and simple in installation.

A factory manufacturing both solar panel and LED lighting could be more intelligible to make two products more adaptable to each other, and products will be more advantageable than those only produce one single product. Added with 3d printing, an efficient tool to design new products and engaging on functional construction reliability test and external and internal parts shaping. 3D printers are a need in R&D lab especially for those manufacturers for outdoor. For Leeka, you could enjoy the privilege of solar, led and light poles altogether. For those importers focusing on LED reselling, a great advantage if they’re planning to turn into 3d printer business in the future.

By efficiently combining the three, Leeka’s new product prototyping cost is the lowest.

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