Monday, May 15, 2017

Choose the best supplier

Large enterprise like philips focus on a wider area of industries such as sound and vision,personal care, mother&child care, household products, lighting, PC products, tablets and phones, and accessories etc. Philips is doing great on each of the industries,and have exelled itself to be the industry top leader. Now,all most everybody love philips’ product due to its unique design,great usability and reliable quality.

Companies that have capability to do products in more than one industry,must have a considerable company size,rather than a small company that doing one and single product. Companies doing more than one industries equipped with talents and professionals in each of the industries,that they communicate each other and learn from others' strong points and close the gap,undoubtedly,they are technically stronger,so we can believe the products yield out by those companies are technically more advantageable,because there are more than one industry technical elements involved in the products.

Small workshops combined with 1-10 people have a very single product categories,product relatively cheap,but quality lesser guaranteed.Small importers all over the world bypass the big company and search this small individual workshop for cheap products in their market.Comparably those small individual workshop have their way for growing and living.

Imp&exp company have their product better targeted for overseas market,comparably,products more foreign market localized,product have a relatively better cost performance,and reliability. Professional and large import companies cooperate with this company for more reliable quality and services. The truth tested,imp&exp companies helped big buyers greatly reduced their sourcing cost,production period,and improved their sourcing experience.

Buying a product without a reliable after-sales services is buying a rubbish,any problem can’t be solved,that always most cheap products caused.

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