Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Deck Light

Deck Light
Simple lined and graceful built, deck light have an appealing appearance styled and formed on diversity and variety. Deck lights are appealing when they’re installed on district, garden on the post.Very easy to be installed and maintained, deck light consume only a small amount of electricity. Made out from stainless steel,aluminum,iron,deck light further strengthened its capability by electrostatic powdering which is a kind technology that under electrostatic interaction, pigments are drawn on the surface of the workpiece uniformly to form a smooth,shinning coating to resist corrosion and to achieve an effect of certain colored beautification. The adhesive force,powdering effect,corrosion and aging resistant effect under electrostatic powdering  of pigment powder is normally stronger than lacquering and cost is normally low.Deck lights are normally designed on four screw hole basis, with only four screws to fix the light on a flat surface firmly.

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