Sunday, April 7, 2013

Luminous emittance influence mentality

Light is so important which relates everything about our life, artificial lights for modern home lighting are incandescent, halogen, fluorescent; LED lights which based on a higher technology can greatly improve our life standard.

Psychology and Ophthalmology research results proved, only under a suitable luminous emittance, can we enter into work, study circumstances comfortably; suitable luminous emittance can benefit our mental and physical healthy, unsuitable luminous emittance  will cause us eyestrain and head uncomfortable.

Luminous emittance which is defined by General Physics the luminous flux incident on unit area of a surface. Its measured in lux. According research finding, luminous emittance for particular living circumstance, for example bed room, atelier etc. have a certain confined range. Blow data is based on their mass research.

1, Bed room

Basic Luminous emittance: 20lx----50lx, reading or makeup: 250lx-700x, you may improve the luminous emitance by getting more lamps. If you’re using dimmable led lights, you can turn the switch to get more lights.

2, Parlour
Basic luminous emittance: 20x-75lx, using sofa or things related with moving tea sets, eating pastry should have 120lx ---4000lx.

3, Study room
Basic luminous emittance: 50lx-120lx, things which related with reading should have 500lx---1200lx.

Basic luminous emittance: 75lx-150lx, 200lx---500lx should in need for washing and makeup.

Basic luminous emittance: 75lx-150lx, 200lx---800lx should in need for cooking.

Above statistics can be valuable advices for lamp designer and end-users. Adjust the lamp suitablely according practical request could be meaningful for every families. Normally, reference should be paid to white light; above 90 % modern lamps are white light which is the most familiar, acceptable light for us.

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