Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Latest COVID-19 trends, why is still increasing?

All we know China had already won with COVID-19 in 2020 so far, people there have been to normal life for the past few months, but see other countries, is still increasing daily and the number is daunting. Too many people died, their lives just like us, but they died so worthless because of the government and people there less the willpower to completely control it.

As Biden said in his first presidential speech a simple and effective way to control covid-19 is described as “ just wear masks ”, he is right and masks are so simple and so cheap way to control the transmission of the disease but many countries and people there have failed to do that. They even ignore the importance of individual people's lives, maybe the president there is still alive and not get infected, because the government authority was not put their full effort to combat a COVID-19 war, instead they put troops on the border to provoke a war with other countries. The fund spends on the troops could buy billions of masks for their people, people could get better protected, the covid-19 would be erased in their country so far, the economy would have been boosted, and people would have been living a better life. At least, the president and the government authority were not realized that the money they spend was actually the flesh and blood of their people, is a pity that they have not elected the right person on behalf of the benefit of the majority.

It's a good thing that many businesses turned to source and supply PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) for the people in their countries, this phenomenon is described as nature in business, not as the” act of greedy“ of minority people prejudiced. As more and more businesses participate in the PPE business, it could bring more benefits to the people. First, they could get the same product at a lower price, second, they could get more diversified products of better quality. To clear some people’s ambiguity, a greedy business is those who selling on high profit without considering the benefit of the buyer, it generally composed of unreliable people and the people repeatedly break their promise. 

To source reliable PPE, you need to find a reliable supplier with years of experience that could effectively lower your trouble and reduce your cost. Get the lowest price from a start-up company within 3 years old could end your business completely at risk even though the supplier is a 100% product manufacturer because you don't know when the company will go bankrupt, if like that, your advance payment will never end up with a satisfactory delivery. What you need to find is a 100% genuine and reliable manufacturer, supplier with above 10 years old company for example Leeka corp. to have your goods well guaranteed with on-time delivery.

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